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Who hits fifth?


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As the Angels go into 2014, after trading Bourjos and Trumbo one wonders what the lineup will look like most days.


If Calhoun is going to get the right field job, then I'd think he's a perfect candidate to hit first or second. My preference is to see Trout hit first and a healthy Pujols hit 3rd. Calhoun then is the number 2 hitter. I'd love to see Hamilton fourth, cuz then it's Righty-Lefty-Righty-Lefty. 


So who hits fifth?


Kendrick and Freese are the likely candidates to hit fifth and sixth. If they add a DH, he'd be a candidate too…followed by Aybar and Conger/Iannetta eighth and ninth.


If Trout hits third, followed by Hamilton, then Pujols the question above becomes who is the #1 or #2 batter.





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Freese has a .583 and .586 OPS from the first two spots in the order. He's a 5 or 6. Just like Kendrick fits better as a 5/6/7.


#1 and #2 Should be Trout and Calhoun. 

Calhoun's minor league OPS is over .400.

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I'm guessing:

Trout, Calhoun, Pujols, Hamilton, Kendrick, Freese, DH (Hart?), Conger/Iannetta, Aybar

This sounds about right, maybe flip flop Freese and either Kendrick or Calhoun. I could see Freese batting 2nd,5th or 6th, assuming he is healthy. Edited by Stradling
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After today does anyone else regret not trading Trumbo to the Mariners last year instead of Morales?


Some people still don't realize that he is a FA now.


The genius part about this deal is we would have wasted a young cost controlled player for a pitcher with one year left until FA and kept a player with one year left of FA...

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