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The perfect fit - Dbacks looking for OF power bat

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Nick Piecoro ‏@nickpiecoro 10h

Source: Dbacks made strong push for Carlos Beltran, who is headed to Yankees. Dbacks also offered three years but were north of $45M.


Jerry Crasnick ‏@jcrasnick 5m

#Dbacks tried to stretch their budget with Beltran, according to @nickpiecoro. It'll be interesting to see what they do now.


Jerry Crasnick ‏@jcrasnick 4m

Kevin Towers wants a corner OF with power, but Nelson Cruz doesn't seem like a fit there for a bunch of reasons. #dbacks



Jerry loves circling back to his former teams and in this case it probably would be the wise thing to do. This makes too much sense now with the Dbacks wanting a power bat who can play the OF and them having a ton of pitching depth



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Lol woops. As soon as I post this, Crasnick tweets out

Jerry Crasnick ‏@jcrasnick 3m

Heard Trumbo's name as potential #dbacks target this week. But @JeffFletcherOCR made it sound as if #angels aren't moving him.


I really don't know how much I buy that. If everyone knows he's available, we may seem desperate. If he's "not getting traded," maybe Jerry's play is to try and get more out if the other side

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Hope that's right. Dbacks are starting to sound like one of the better opportunities for this team, with them having a clear interest in a power bat who can play OF. Makes too much sense for both clubs to try to work something out


Then the Halos sign Daniel Hudson to a minor league deal just for good measure

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I don't buy the looking desperate bit. Sure, everybody knows the Angels need SP but they also know that cost controlled players who can launch baseballs don't grow on trees. The double wild card gives plenty of teams the thought that they might be one or two moves from contention. Either get a power bat or watch the Dogs take another dip in your pool.

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Cahill is not cheaper than Vargas, has been league average the past 3 years, has a high walk rate, and doesn't K a ton.

Skaggs is the much better option.


This team needs to fill two spots and while I'd be OK with Shoemaker getting the 5th spot if we landed a more polished guy at #3, I'd be stoked to hand Cahill the #3 spot, Richards #4 and Skaggs #5 going into the season.


Plus, re: Cahill. If you look at his career numbers you will see he is an every other year guy. Dude is scheduled to be good again in 2014! But, when he's bad, he's not Ervin Santana bad in his bad years.


I like Cahill's age and upside.

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