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How about Ervin Santana?

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So is anyone willing to take our home run pitcher back? Say for 5 for 75. I stuck on it but I'm scared we don't help the SP out. We have the win now team but on the edge. If we just scratch a little more and get another #1 we are in it. I think we got have 3 guys to pitch if we get in the playoffs not 2. Right now we have what? 1-2 and maybe 3 number 5's? I feel Richards is going to do a lot better this year his stuff is a lot better then he has pitched. So any thoughts?

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He's one of those pitchers that when he's on, he's really great. But when he's having an off day(or year) he is just plain awful. I think it would better serve the Angels to get a starter(Garza or someone else via trade) who has a track record of dependability to slot into the 3 or 4 and then take a flier on a couple of other guys and have them battle it out for the fifth spot in the rotation. I don't think the Angels should hand over the money that Ervin is bound to get without really knowing which Ervin they'll be getting.

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I don't buy this, "due for a bad season" line of thinking.


The guy has been one of the most durable starters in baseball and hasn't shown any decline in his fastball.


With that said, I don't think he's worth giving up a pick combined with all the money he will get.

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Santana's WAR year by year since 2008: 6.0 1.1 1.9 2.6 -1.0 3.0 


I don't think anybody has argued that he hasn't been durable. He certainly has been and that's really valuable but it's hard to dispute his bad year/good year pattern. 


He was more successful last year because he threw less four seam fastballs and mixed in more sliders and two seam fastballs. His 4 seam was the worst fastball in the game in 2012 and last year it was closer to league average. It's possible he figured out that using his fastball less helped him. If that was the reason for his big year, then maybe he can string together a few good years in a row. 


Still, I don't think it's wise for us to sign him to a 5 year deal. 

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I agree. He's not going to be worth Jered Weaver money to go along with giving up a pick. Matt Garza seems to be the better option.

Absolutely. Santana will get something like 5/80 but he really deserves 5/55 or so.


If Garza stays under 85 million, he might be a good choice. Not losing a draft pick needs to be a priority for this team unless they're trying to get a great player.

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Santana's next contract should be set up like this 5 years $70 million

2014- $10 million

2015- $20 million

2016- $10 million

2017- $20 million

2018- $10 million

That way you over pay him in his good years and pay him what he's worth in his other years. Oh and it would be an over pay his final year as well.

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There is so much out of sync in baseball that so many lousy pitchers are getting long term contracts and for money that used to be reserved for very good pitchers. In this market Weaver would command a 5/$120 contract and would still be leaving money on the table.

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