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The Ideal Angel Team right now.


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*-Signed From FA



Batting Line-up:

Catcher: *John Buck

1st Base: Mark Trumbo

2nd Base: Howie Kendrick

3rd Base: David Freese

Short Stop: Erik Aybar

Left Field: JB Shuck

Center Field: Mike Trout

Right Field: Josh Hamilton


Starting Rotation:

-Jared Weaver

-CJ Wilson

-*Tanaka or *Ervin Santana

-*Matt Garza or *Ublado Jimenez

-Garret Richards



-Joe Smith

-Ernesto Frieiri

-*Andrew Bailey

-*Grant Balfour

-*Oliver Perez


I would love to discuss my ideas if anyone has questions on it. Im open for debate. (:

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Buck and Shuck suck. :)

I also think your team would cost a ton of money I don't see the halos spending at this point

I like it doc. The new banner for the site would read 'shuck, Buck and chuck'

And a cool 'shuck , buck, who gives a ...' to replace the tannana and ryan and three days thing.

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If Shuck is projected to get more than 200 PAs this season 2014 will be epic fail. Nothing personal against the player, he's far more talented athletically than I. It's just a realistic perspective on his relative talent.



He's a fine 5th outfielder to be honest. The defensive woes, lack of any power and limited OBP skills make him a marginal player but certainly not a guy who should be getting 300-400 PA. 

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The catcher position to me is crucial to a successful team. You need a leader to be a catcher and that has power. I wanted McCann but that went down the drain. Conger and Ianetta to me where a bit shakey. The defense & leadership lacked and sometimes the offense went cold from both. I proposed Buck for his leadership and at times offense. I would keep either Conger or Ianetta to duo with Buck.

Our pitching...... You all know what's wrong there. I proposed this guys not to bag all them but to grab at least 1. We need a pitcher who can be a future ace. Who has #1 stuff. While then filling in the #4 spot with another arm a bit cheaper. I would say from the farm but we got none at the time. And our bullpen needs help as well. Bailey has struggled but I think he can turn it around. With maybe another stud in our bullpen. Maybe Oliver perez or Grant Balfour. Ernesto is a bit shakey. Still like him a lot but shakey at times.

And I forget to mention Pujols. I would make him DH. When we travel to NL then we can scramble Trumbo to outfeild and put Pujols at 1st.

With the the other position in outfeild. I'm okay with Calhoun. But I think JB showed signs.

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Why hasn't anyone reminded the OP that we are in the American League. Where's the DH?

Also, that's not a batting lineup - that's a defensive positioning list.

I said it below in the comments... I would put Pujols at DH. I think he should focus more on hitting. Making him more like a David ortiz.

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I hope Shuck is traded while he still has some value.  Perhaps we could package him with Kendrick and get some SP options in here.  

even for a minor league pitcher or something.  we got about everything we could get from him last year and he was about a shade above replacement.  I also don't want him there to take abs away from Calhoun or be the DH if Trumbo is traded. 

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Except that when healthy he has been a very good first baseman in his career.

I agree with you a 100% but I'm thinking long term. If Pujols can conserve energy and just focus on batting then it would help us long term. I just think we need to approach the Pujols idea like the Red Soxs have with David Ortiz.

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