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Two other trade ideas...


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I would absolutely do the Royals deal, not sure the Royals would.


Jeff Locke makes me kind of nervous though


Locke tired in the 2nd half, in what was his first full major league season. I can't put too much fault on him for that. He needs to get stronger so he can endure a full season, but he looked great for the majority of the season. Looks like a younger, better version of Jason Vargas.

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That first deal would be absolutely awesome. We could sign one starter and just have Duffy and Ventura battle it out for the 5th spot and the other one takes a spot in the pen.

Locke is interesting. He's not my first choice but I think I would be ok with him as our 4th or 5th guy. I would need to look into his numbers more. If we go after Locke, we should try to get one of their non elite prospects so we can kill 2 birds with one stone in a trade.

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As someone who was friends with Jeff Locke in High School it would be incredibly weird to see him in an Angels uniform. That said his stats weren't all that impressive last year. A 4.5 BB/9 is terrible for a starter (or any pitcher, really) and his K rate isn't very good either.


But I guess if you want young, cost-controlled starters with upside well there you go.

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The Royals plan on at least one of those two pitchers being used in their rotation so the chance of it happening is remote in my opinion.


Kendrick for Kyle Zimmer, Justin Marks, and Tim Collins would be best from a prospect haul standpoint.


I know you all think I'm nuts but Zimmer and Billy Butler for Kendrick would be fair value too. Butler makes slightly more money than Kendrick and is a DH-only bat which really limits his value AND would make him a late-game bench bat during games against NL opponents which limits his value even further.

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If probably do either of those moves. If you get Butler then you trade Trumbo too.


Yes Butler would require a Trumbo trade but that could be to any other team that is in need of his services. The idea of two years of Butler to replace Trumbo's bat is appealing to me simply because Butler has good power and a much better OBP (which would fit into Scotty's .340 OBP theme).

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Why would the Royals even contemplate that trade?  It's fairly one-sided and not in a good way for the Royals.


The Locke for Trumbo would seem plausable, although I think the Buccos would rather hold on to him as AJ Burnett is not a lock to come back and if he does, it's likely only for one year.  But, they do have some pitching depth and do need some power in that line-up.

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No way the Royals do deal 1 but I would do it.


2nd deal is interesting.


Remember now, Dayton Moore is the Royals GM. Dude traded Wil Myers AND Odorizzi for what? 2 seasons of James Shields. With Myers gone, they are now looking to overpay for an aging Beltran for one of their OF spots. I feel bad for Royals fans


In any case, that would be such an awesome deal for the Halos if that happened.

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