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What's up with all the moves today?

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Yeah.  Everytime I updated, something happened. 


I wonder if Stoneman showed up after the Bourjos trade like Trautman talking down Rambo




'Calm down Jerry'


'How about now!!!'


'Lie down and take a nap soldier!'


'But I'm not sleepy!!'


'Relax big guy.  There's plenty of time'


Arte pops his head in the room with a look of excitement






'Ay Dios Mio!!'

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Angels are going to have to step things up this offseason if they want to 3peat as offseason champs. Teams are being more aggressive this offseason and we are seeing MORE BIG SPLASHES


Hopefully the Halos can turn on the switch at the Winter Meetings


seriously though what will be left at the Winter Meetings? Tons of stuff happening this offseason before they even get to that point

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I'm surprised the Pirates haven't really done anything except losing Byrd who was second on the team in hitting behind McCutchen during the Playoffs and Morneau their two big Deadline deals from last year. And they just non-tendered Moss. 


They need a right handed power bat!

They have a pretty limited spending budget.


There are rumors that they're in on Price although I'm not buying it. They need a RF to play at least decent baseball until their stud prospect Gregory Polanco comes up next year. I'd expect them to sign someone like Rajai Davis or Andres Torres on a 1 year deal just to have some decent production. 1B is still a big issue so maybe they sign Corey Hart or Kevin Youkilis . 


Really, they don't need to do a ton to be a Wild Card contender for next year. If they re sign Burnett, they basically have a set rotation. 

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It was discussed earlier in the Summer that the influx of money and the rising costs of free agents would lead to an increase in the number of trades made among teams, especially smaller market ones that can't handle some of the rising prices.


Yesterday was clearly a glaring example of this current trend. I'd expect some more of it, especially during the Winter meetings through the end of January.

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