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Update on posting system


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DEC. 1:


 100724_122722_normal.jpgDavid Waldstein


MLB & Japan baseball execs have narrowed negotiations to 3 possible outcomes for new posting system. 1 of them is expected to be agreed upon





DEC. 2: 

Sponichi: MLB proposing posting-fee limit for Japanese players. If multiple teams submit max bid, player goes to team with worst record.



DEC. 2: 


"Major League Baseball has proposed limiting the amount its teams could bid for Japanese players, a cap that would prevent the Dodgers or Angels from making a massive bid for pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

The proposed cap was disclosed Monday by a person familiar with the matter but not authorized to discuss it publicly.

Under the proposal, if multiple teams bid the capped amount, the player would get to choose the team with which he would negotiate. In theory, that could represent a step toward helping teams with less revenue bid on fairer footing with large-market teams such as the Dodgers and Angels.

There would be no cap on the contract between the Japanese player and an MLB team.

MLB and Japanese baseball officials have exchanged various proposals on how to improve the so-called posting system, which is the manner by which Japanese teams can make their players available to MLB teams before those players hit free agency.

It is unclear when -- or if -- this proposal might be adopted."










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Doesn't help the Angels. I'm guessing if the max bid isn't ridiculous (70-80M) then the Angels, Yankees and maybe Dodgers all do that and he chooses the Yankees.

I thought it was saying that the team who posts the max bid with the worst record wins the bid.

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I hope we pull out all stops. I want to see a (real, not photoshopped) picture of dipoto dressed like godzilla, negotiating with tanaka by the end of the week.


I suggest cropping the picture of Godzilla out of the AW.com advertisement that keeps popping up on my screen when I read the top posts in threads. Might as well photoshop the girl in too. :wub:


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Yeah thats the opposite of good news. Why would he pick Anaheim over New York or LA? Arte may as well not even bid.



Thinking the same thing myself Tdawg.  


Maybe he's partial to teams with low expectaions? :P

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