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Black Friday People


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I can understand going out on black friday just for the event of it, but the idiots fighting for things that have minimal discounts that they probably still can't afford at walmart are just a disgrace.  I hope they're enjoying their lives in the upper class

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there's always some good deals to be had. best buy had an in-store sale: iphone 5c plus 16g ipad for $297. pretty insane savings. 


wife picked up a small tv for the kitchen, a 19" hdtv for $100. doesn't need to be amazing, just a bit bigger than what she had.


we were out for a bit this afternoon. not too bad. i don't understand bull-rushing the front door and trampling a man to death like they did in long island today. how do you live with yourself if you were one of the ones who stomped on that dude so you could save a few bucks?


been several postings on facebook today about how black friday is the day we lose our compassion after such a great day of thanks for all we have. 

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Have been wondering if that is worth the investment. What has been your experience?


Amazon Prime is good for a couple of reasons. If you're not the "I need it now" person, you can save a ton of money on things that you would normally purchase in stores because you don't have to worry about delivery fees at all. Also, they have a video streaming service that's pretty solid and on par with Netflix (I cancelled my Netflix recently as a result. It's not as good, but the overlap was such that it didn't make sense to carry both). They make the initial $80 outlay worth it quickly (Think of it more like $8 a month for streaming movies where you get free shipping as a bonus and it becomes easier to pay.) I originally got it because I ordered a TV and the delivery charge was going to be $150, unless I got the Prime for a year at $80 (gee, big decision there). I've renewed ever since and never even thought about dropping the service.


The biggest concern I have with Amazon Prime is when they try to save a few bucks because of the flat rate and use OnTrac, quite possibly the single shittiest delivery service here in town. I'm running about a 20% success rate when Amazon uses them. USPS, UPS, FedEx, all of them, when I place the order, Boom, I know it will be on my doorstep at the latest by 1:30PM on the date promised. With OnTrac the shipments have disappeared, been delayed (by days), they've claimed delivery attempts made while I had the front door open and no one showed, I even had to race across town at the crack of stupid because the delivery driver claimed he was turned away by the front gate because he didn't know the code, they were already 3 days late and I needed the package because I was leaving town that afternoon.

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