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Hot Stove Trade of the Day: Kendrick to the Blue Jays

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Ok, so this is one of my frequently discussed moves, I think the Blue Jays are the perfect fit for a Kendrick trade. It's been discussed a lot in the media, like at mlbtraderumors. 


Here is a proposed trade for Kendrick and Iannetta from a Jays fan at Jaysjournal.




His trade is Kendrick, Iannetta for JA Happ, Casey Jannsen and minor league pitching prospect Sean Nolin. Now we'd like to have Aaron Sanchez instead of Nolin, but the writer of this article is right, that's a big piece to give up. I think this leans a little too Jays.


I've proposed trades like this getting Buerhle or RA Dickey but the Jays need pitching too….so it's a tough sell.



So while I like this move, I'd take the same trade and alter it slightly in order to get Sanchez, but at the same time giving the Jays something they'd like. Salary relief. Future Salary relief.

Here's my proposed trade: 
Angels Send
Kendrick (9.5 M in 2014, 9.75 M in 2015)
Iannetta (5 M in 2014 and 2015)
Blanton (7.5 M, 1 M option in 2015)
Pitcher Kevin Jepsen (or Tommy Hanson)
JA Happ 5.2 M with a 6.7 M option for 2015.
Casey Jannsen 4M (or Sergio Santos at 3.9M)

Ricky Romero 7.75 M in 2014 and 2015

Macier Izturis 3M in 14, 15 and 1 M buyout for 16.

Minor League Pitcher Aaron Sanchez 


We're basically trading our headache starter for theirs, and while Romero has a greater upside, Blanton is due nothing in 2015, while Romero again makes 7.75M.. Angels send 23-26 Million out for 2014 and take back $19 M. Which is a $4 M savings, allowing them some room to make future moves if needed this year (I'd say bring back Jerome Williams).


It gives the Jays one (or two starters) who struggled in their first taste of Anaheim, and also addresses two of their primary offensive concerns. It also gives them financial flexibility in 2015 as Blanton is off the books, while Romero stays on the Angels for one more year plus a buyout. 


Angels future salary commitments here are between 11M and 18 M in 2015, plus 4 M in 2016. The Jays take on 16 M in 2015. It doesn't exactly save them money, but it does give them starters at two offensive positions for almost a wash in Salary. 


Happ is a decent starter, who had an excellent September after returning from an awful skull injury. Jannsen is a good closer, who may or may not close in Anaheim. Further deepens the pen. Adding Izturis back gives them help for defense with Grant Green at 2nd and he can also play SS and 3B.


Romero needs serious work, but he used to be their ace. Returning him to the place where he grew up, and letting him work with Butcher could turn him around.


And of course there is the prize of the deal, minor league prospect Aaron Sanchez. 


They'd have a rotation of Weaver, Wilson, Richards, Happ & Williams/Romero for 2014. I'd lean towards bringing back Williams then because you'd need to handicap Romero in case he's not ready.














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Why Ricky Romero? He's dead money. We already have too much of that.


I can't see any of these huge trades people keep bringing up ever happening. 


I could see Conger for Santos


or Ianetta for Stroman/ other pitching prospect


But I don't think we match up well fro a big trade involving Howie

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