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Weekend trip to San Francisco

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Heading up to the bay area for a 3 day weekend. I know Wicked is a local resident and sent him a PM but thought I would post this on the boards to see if anyone has suggestions on things to do or any hidden gems or recommendations.


My wife and I have been to San Francisco 3 or 4 times but this time we have a couple of things planned.


We're going to rent bikes and bike the golden gate bridge to Sausalito, hit up Zachary's pizza in Oakland, and do the duck tour as well.


I know the duck tour is kinda lame but something my wife has wanted to do.


Anyone know any good places to try in China town or elsewhere?


We're staying in the financial district near the embarcadero.


Who wants to meet up at Coit Tower for pictures?...haha...

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If you're biking over the bridge, I'd recommend also heading out to the "Land's End" area all the way to the Sutro baths area. Quite a few trails and bike paths to go on, and of course the scenery and views are incredible. Since you're over there, cruise up and through the GG Park as well.


A couple touristy bars with a little SF history:

Have an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista or a mai tai at the Tonga Room.


SF is amazing, so much to do. I'm sure Wicked will kill it with suggestions.

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I cant remember off the top of my head the name of the building but maybe someone on here will be more familiar...there is a hotel in downtown with an elevator that rides up the side of the building. The best part is the elevator is all glass windows, so the elevator is exposed to viewing outside as you ride up, and you can take it to the top and see pretty much the entire city.

The ride up as well as the view once you get to the top are pretty breathtaking.

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Thanks for the info so far everyone. So far, st1ckboy has the funniest comment. I sent the PM to wicked a while back and never got a reply but I think we have enough planned already as it is.


Angels Dog & Beer- Not sure if we're going to take the ferry back from Sausalito or see if I can encourage my wife to ride back on the bridge and take a detour towards land's end.


Has anyone tried Gott's Roadside





or Super Duper Burgers?





Might have to hit up all 5 baseball statues near AT&T as well. I never knew there was a McCovey statue across the bay on the other side of McCovey Cove.

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Oops - never saw the PM. 


Definitely do the bike ride across the bridge. You can take the ferry back. Take it all the way up to the marin headlands. Also ride into tiburon and get lunch at Sam's Cafe. One of my favorite spots - it's on the water and people will pull in their yachts/boats for lunch and cocktails. 


Super duper burgers is fine but it's nothing special just a good spot for when you're drunk. Roam on union has better burgers (get the bison double meat). Or you can go to burger bar in the Macy's building - the kobe beef burger stuffed with short ribs and lobster tail with truffles on top is pricey but worth it. Gott's is fine too over at the ferry building (which is great to walk around, especially on weekends when the farmer's market and crafts people are there). Lots of killer drinks and food right there too. 


I always recommend walking around the palace of fine arts - that's my favorite thing in the city. 


I would highly recommend getting a cocktail and watching sunset at Top of the Mark. On this tip if you're a cocktail/whiskey person you can got to Bourbon and Branch; it's a hidden 20s speakeasy style place (do not use a phone there) with no signs outside and you need to know the password at the door. Let me know if you want the password. This is the inside:




When are you here? Cirque de Soleil is here every year for the holidays; it's great. Also the Dickens Fair is funky only-in-SF kind of thing (think renn fair but victorian london).  Also you can ice skate in union square depending on your dates. 


The building w/ the elevator Angels Dog/Beer is talking about is the St. Francis in union square. It's for hotel guests only nowadays but if you schmooze you can get in there. That hotel has bomb ass food/cocktails too. You will need a res and an open wallet but Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak is fantastic. Also the clock bar kicks ass. 


If you go out to land's end area (the trail is gorgeous) I would recommend doing lunch at cliff house (famous place on the coast) or down the beach a little at beach chalet. Both have killer sunsets too. 


Also standard stuff if you've never done it: take a cable car, wander around pier 39, go to ghirardelli square, drive up to coit tower, walk around chinatown, do haight ashbury, GG park, dolores park, etc etc etc. 


For restaurants there are a million. What kind of food do you like?

Edited by mrwicked
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Thanks for the response, Wicked. I sent you a PM on 9/26. I figured you probably don't know me since I don't post much on the boards and you've never come to one of the Summer fanfests. Didn't mean to single you out and hope you didn't take it that way.


Coming out this weekend. I've seen a couple Cirque shows and Totem is actually playing at the Great Park in Irvine right now.


I'm staying at the Le Meridien. We've done the normal stuff like Lombard street, the trolley cars, Alcatraz, Ghiradelli Square, the wharf, etc. This time we were just looking for stuff to do outside the box.


It's funny you mention the Burger bar in the Macy's building. I met up with a buddy last night at the Charlie Palmer's @ South Coast Plaza inside the Bloomingdale's.


I'll definitely check out the cliff house for lunch. The wife wants to do Momma's for breakfast so I'll see if she wants to do lunch there on the way back from the ride.


My wife mentioned the palace of the arts as well. I'll have to do more research on that.


Thank you all for the excellent advice.




St1ck-Do you recommend the regular dog or do you go all out with the big bite, spicy bite, or a smokie bite? Any suggestions on picking out my dog? Do the dogs with more shine have a better crispiness?

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St1ck-Do you recommend the regular dog or do you go all out with the big bite, spicy bite, or a smokie bite? Any suggestions on picking out my dog? Do the dogs with more shine have a better crispiness?



Doesn't really matter which ones you get. Just dump a pound of that chili, and cheese sauce on it, and you'll be just fine. 

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Doesn't really matter which ones you get. Just dump a pound of that chili, and cheese sauce on it, and you'll be just fine.

Hold on a sec . . . You like the cheese sauce on your hot dogs, but the nachos suck? How can that be?

I'm beginning to think you might be pulling my leg.

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