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Trading Trumbo and Kendrick for young pitching helps the team but if they're able to get Cano should they try? His contract demands were crazy but if they could get him for somewhere between what they signed Hamilton for and what they signed Pujols for are they crazy for adding his bat?

The guy hits for average and Power. Best hitter on the Yankees. Salary cap would have to not be a concern going forward but hey it's only money. .

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Cano with the Angels gives you .300 40 DB 20 HR for 25 million.

Kendrick gives you .285 30 DB 15 HR for 9 million.


Are 15 points in BA, 10 more doubles and 5 more HR's really worth 15 million in additional salary when you already have a good 2B?  Furthermore if you sign Cano and trade Kendrick, was the player you got in return really worth inflating your payroll 15 million over?  That 15 million is one year of arbitration for Trout that you could've signed him.  On top of which if you want to talk about value...


Green in a full time role likely gives you .275 30 DB 10 HR for a half million.


It seems to be there are several different routes to take here, and the worst among them is signing Robinson Cano. 

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As overpaid as relievers tend to be, we probably could've gotten 3 solid arms for the money wasted on Blanton. If we are so willing to throw money away I'm not sure why we don't throw it at some pen arms. Sure they wont come close to returning the WAR/$ you'd like to see but having someone who can actually get some outs at the end of a game seems like a better plan than spending the league minimum on a bunch of guys who wont.

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Cano will be a great player, just not on the Angels. This team needs to focus on pitching.



I see him being a .800-830 OPS guy for most of the contract.


Maybe around .900 in the first 2 years of the deal though.

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Like you mentioned, I would be worried about the salary cap. Plus, how many unrestricted free agents are there on the Angels after 2014? Unless we tag Trout a Franchise Player, I dont know how we can absorb the cap hit.

There's a lot of awesome in this post. Also in before someone thinks you're serious.

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