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GM Meetings

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Golf and lots of food. The real Winter Meetings begin December 9th in Florida.

I agree. I doubt that any team will make an impact trade or sign an impact free agent during the Winter meetings. There might be a lot of rumors, but most of the deals will take place during the Winter meetings or a week or two after the  Winter meetings. 

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Cardinals, Rockies To Discuss Troy Tulowitzki Trade

By Charlie Wilmoth [November 10 at 9:51pm CST]

The Cardinals and Rockies will discuss a potential Troy Tulowitzki trade at this week's GM/owner meetings, Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports reports. The Cardinals have also asked the Rangers about the possibility of trading for Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar, Passan writes.


The Cardinals' troubles at the shortstop position are well-known, as is the depth of its young talent, so potential Tulowitzki or Profar deals have long been the subjects of fan speculation. The Rockies have said they aren't interested in dealing Tulowitzki, but Passan suggests that Rockies ownership may be coming around to the idea of freeing itself of the seven years and $134MM remaining on Tulowitzki's contract, which carries through 2020, with a club option for 2021.


Passan writes that one potential piece the Rockies might receive in return is first baseman Matt Adams, who so far has been blocked by Allen Craig in St. Louis. Adams hit .284/.335/.503 in part-time duty for the Cardinals this year. The Rockies would also like a pitcher -- the Cardinals will not trade Michael Wacha, but Shelby Miller appears to be a possibility. Adams and Miller would highlight a package of three or four players that the Rockies might receive in return for Tulowitzki.


Tulowitzki's contract has a no-trade clause, but the presence of former Rockies teammate Matt Holliday and the Cardinals' reputation as a winning organization might entice him to accept a deal. Tulowitzki, 29, hit .312/.391/.540 and produced 5.6 wins above replacement in 2013, making him the best shortstop in baseball. His injury history may be a concern, however, given the length of his contract.




If this went down during the GM Meetings, it would obviously be a big trade an it would suck for the Angels. 

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The organization really doesn't go full bore into the GM meetings.  They really use it as sort of a dry-run to make sure everything is running according to plan when the winter meetings come.  This means communication, number crunching and scouting profiles are completed.  A lot of the GM's use this time to lay the groundwork for the winter meetings.  I know Dipoto has in the past, but he also does a lot of in-season work with other GM's behind the scenes.


Reagins on the other hand took a much more hands off approach to the GM meetings, meaning a lot of golf and avoiding reporters.  I honestly think he'll go down as the worst GM since Bavasi.  

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Reagins played a big role in the draft and was personally responsible for firing Eddie Bane, though I'll give him a pass on that one because he hired Ric Wilson who happens to be quite good, albeit ultra conservative. 


I actually found it quite funny that the Dan Haren trade was the brain child of Jerry Dipoto.  He kept speaking with Cashman and Oppenheimer of the Yanks when they wanted Haren and the Yanks kept trying to offer Mentero and Delin Betances.  Dipoto was holding out for more and was told by the Yanks to feel free to shop around and see if he can get a better deal.  


Dipoto brought up the idea of Skaggs, Corbin, Rodriguez and Saunders for Haren.  All Reagins did was counter with no Corbin.  Dipoto told him he'd take the Yanks offer without it (he was never seriously interested in the Yankees offer) and Reagins accepted.  That should give you a glimpse into the man's negotiation skills.  

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Reagins had no autonomy.  Sending him to the GM meetings was equivalent to sending an altar boy to the Vatican to help pick a new pope.  He wasn't a bad GM because he wasn't really a GM.  He couldn't squeeze a drop without say so. 

You don't think an altar boy couldn't squeeze a drop out of the last pope?

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Some thoughts.  


On Tanaka:



But it’s still to be determined if he’s coming over here.”



This might be very true.  Remember, he has 3 years before free agency.  If the posting rules are changed enough, the team may think that they are better off not posting him this year and waiting one or two years.  Remember, they just won the Japan Series, so posting him might make sense only if the team will get a considerable amount of cash.  



Our offensive players are fairly accomplished, some at a very young age. There have been a lot of inquiries on a lot of them. 



There is only one that I know of is fairly accomplished at a very young age.  Are teams already making a run for him?

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