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I apprecaite reading everyone's take on the state of Angels Baseball.  Like you, the past year's have been disapointing, however I remain an Angels fan.


I beleive in the following, going into next season:


1) For fans, this is a key year to see what Albert P does.  He gave us nothing in years 1 and 2.  We suspect given his age, his numbers at the back end of his contract won;t be anyhting to write home about.  If he can;t produce STRONG overall numbers this year, we can't expect anything from him for his reamining years.  This is the off season he has had the opportunity to get healthy.  You's think he has extra motivation, given how poorly he's produced to date.  I expect him to have a bouce back season in 2014.  Losing about 20 pounds would help.


2) Starting pitching.  We lost our number 1 (Weaver) and and number 3 (Vargas) for about 8 weeks each.  That devestated us as it would most teams.  For example, if Detroit had lost Verlander and sancehz each for 8 weeks, I doubt they would of won the central and they may not have qualfied for a wild card.  That said, we all know the Angels could use more depth with their starters and via the trade market I expect we will.


3) We have too many outfileders and I expect Bourjos and Trumbo to be dealt for starting pitch that can help us now or qaulity minor leage pitching talent.


4) I think we'll start next season without Kendrick (who isnl;t a grinder and has always under performed..to me), Trumbo, Bourjos, Blanton (what a waste of space), Hanson (wasn't worth giving up Waldon for) and Jepsen (I like him, but he's too inconsistent).


5) Hamilton:  Should have a good bounce back season.  If not, the death march is 3 more years long.


6)  If Hamilton and Pulos have good years, and I think they will, the Anegels will have a terrific offense in 2014.  With the addtion of Moran from the minors and another relife pitcher pick-up moving Ernesto to an 8th inning role, the bullpen will be better.  Having Weaver and Vargas not missing 8 weeks in 2014 will help a lot as will the continued maturation of Garrett Richards.  With that, I see the Angels via the trade adding at least 2 pitchers who can compete to start.  Finally, I think it's liely that Conger will continue to grow as a hitter.


Overall, I expect the Angels to win the west in 2014.

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