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Cardinals could trade Lance Lynn or Shelby Miller this offseason for a new shortstop


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But in all seriousness I would definitely do Aybar straight up for Lynn. Of course that basically takes Kendrick off the table. Even though Lynn has some concerns (his road splits) he is still young and cheap, and I think at worst he would be a good number 4.

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Hello hello all! No way the Cards do Miller for Aybar straight up, but I'd include Bourjos to at least get the Cards attention. I'd be willing to include a prospect if needed, Miller is exactly the type of pitcher the Angels need. Re-sign Vargas and you got a rotation of Weaver, Wilson, Miller, Vargas, and Richards. Maybe sign Clayton Richard to a minor league deal for some more depth with Williams and Shoemaker 

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Aybar for Miller. 

Sign Tanaka

Trumbo for a good AA SP, a near ready SS or 3b prospect, and a reliever

Grant Green for a pen arm

Ianetta for a pen arm

Sign a backup catcher


Trumbo, a former All Star, a guy who average 30+ HRs for first three seasons and just arbritration eligible and all you want is a AA SP.  Trumbo should net you at least one major league ready starter.  If your trading him for prospects  you should get at least three for him.


Grant Green for a pen arm maybe a good choice.  Ianetta for a pen arm maybe a good choice.


Aybar for just Miller?  I don't know.  Was Miller part of the rotation for the Cards lasts year?  His numbers certainly looks like it would be a good trade.  But Aybar should net more than just one pitcher, unless the pitcher is expected to be a top of rotation guy.


Oh if we do trade Aybar, who plays short?

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If you're expecting more than shelby miller for aybar, boy oh boy

Actually no, after looking at his numbers more carefully I wouldn't expect more.  

I do think some people here under value Aybar.  His offensive is good for a SS.  He is one of the best defenders at the position who is coming off of a down year.  Aybar is a premium player at a premium position.

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2011-2012 Aybar is super valuable.  The sudden defensive dropoff is worrisome, but I could definitely see some team rolling the dice on him, dealing a solid SP.

If Aybar had two bad defensive seasons in a row, than i would say, yea, it is worrisome.  However, he has been pretty damn consistent with the glove prior to this year.

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In the comments section there are plenty of Cards fans that think Colorado would be happy to part with Tulowitzky for Miller. Fans are pretty myopic GMs.


Good to know that this isn't the only fan base who believes that teams are lined up to trade their stars to us for whatever we care to offer.

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If we could get Shelby Miller for Aybar I would be absolutely ecstatic. I'm not sure why they would do that though when they can sign a guy like Stephen Drew and keep Miller.

Lance Lynn for Aybar seems more realistic since Lynn may not have a spot in that rotation next year with Garcia coming back.

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