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The Obama White House (a running tally)

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nothing was funneled to halliburton and others under the previous administration. 

that would be an awesome post if this thread was about all administrations or if this the op stated that only this white house had done bad things or made mistakes.


considering neither of those things occurred I can only consider the above post a very poor attempt at misdirection.  

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i have a recurring fear. all of the screw-ups by this administration are being done intentionally so that that hilary can come in and promise to clean up his mess and sweep her way to victory in '16. she'll be hailed as the saviour of the party, and of america itself.

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Executive branch are puppets. The rest of the goveernment is not much  different.   IMO,  the White House mostly does what big money tells it to do.  There aren't many screw ups as much as there are intentional actions done for specifiic reasons that the White House(controlled by big money), all ready with the cover story and lies simply does not tell the public.  The western elite are still playing a grand game of chess as in war games for profit and for their own domination and control.  Obama is Pinocchio spewing garbage such as "Keep America free" Bull sh&t  as people just keep dying. 

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You have a point. It blew out the Countrywides, Bear Stearns, and a ton of other fly by night banks. Even bigger banks like Washington Mutual were swallowed up.

I've been out of the game since just after the regulation laws went into effect, and even then it was like Obamacare where no one knew what to do, even the lawyers, and it was a cluster****. I think the banks and mortgage companies have found the loopholes and ways to work with the system, but I'd have no idea what we'd look like if it all changes like it did and the Fed didn't keep the rate down.

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The IRS scandal is overblown and the debt will rise regardless of who is president.


-Drone strikes and the redefinition of imminent threat

I disagree with the notion that the IRS scandal is overblown. If anything, it is under blown. The American media should be outraged that this government agency can do what they want, when they want, to whomever they want, with very little (or no) retributions.


The fact they are currently picking sides is quite concerning.

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