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Windows IE 10 not working


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Anyone experiencing repeated problems with Windows7?


First Security Essentials refused to work so I downloaded AVAST.


Then WINDOWS UPDATE (screen interface) stopped working - get an error. I have AUTO Updates set and I do get updates but I've been getting the SAME KBnnnnnn updates repeatedly.


UNINSTALL updates screen is blank.


Now IE10 takes forever to load and switch pages. Or the page is blank or times out.



I have google chrome but I want all the IE problems fixed.


Checking the MS "community" I see several problems posted  but no fixes....



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When is the last time you cleared all your cache files?  That could be one problem to your IE, since I've found that no matter what the browser, once your cache gets large, it seems to slow the browsers down considerably.  I use the following programs on a regular basis to keep my computer running smoothly.


cccleaner  - first step.  cleaner to clear all your cache files.  This will mean you will lose some of your passwords like for AW.com, and will have to reenter them.  Next Registry.  See what is gunking that up and fix them.  I usually dont back up my registry.  Under Tools, startup.  See what is starting up when your computer starts.  A lot of it is crap and you can disable them.  I recommend disabling them as opposed to deleting them.  Since for some reason if you delete them, they come right back.  Things like checking real player and itunes when your computer starts up is unneccessary, where checking your virus is necessary.  


defraggler - after you run cccleaner, this is a defrag program.  if you have never defragged your hd, then that could cause the slowing.  My suggestion, before you leave for work, run defraggler.  Once you start defraggler, on the top tab, there is an option to shut down computer after completion.  Hopefully your computer will be done by the time you get back home.  


ad-aware - it's a virus program like avast.  I tend to like it a bit more, since they constantly update.  And they have a gaming mode in case you are playing a game.  


See if those help any.  

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People still use IE?


That was my question. The only place I use it is at work, because our IT people have decided that it is our "official" browser. Of course, we're talking IE 7, because one of our proprietary database programs doesn't play well with any update past that. We had Firefox for a while, but they must have believed that it was working too well, so they took it away from us.


As you can tell, we're on the cusp of advanced technology. One day we may even ditch Windows XP. When I started with my current agency in 2001, they were still using an MS-DOS based database program.

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