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Why is David Ortiz a beloved juicer?

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Is there actual proof that he took steroids?

Is there actual proof that he continues to take steroids?

(Not to mention, do we know how steroids actually impact performance?)


The Twins argument is utterly bogus, in my opinion. Ortiz was considered a bit of a sleeper while he was a Twin - someone the stathead community was expecting to break out at some point. His performance level jumped in 2003 when he went to Boston, but its hardly unheard of for things to click at age 27, and it isn't like he went from a shmuck to a great player overnight. Check out his OPS by year, from his first semi-full season in 2000 to probably his best year in 2007:


2000 (24, MIN): 101

2001 (25, MIN): 107

2002 (26, MIN): 120

2003 (27, BOS): 144

2004 (28, BOS): 145

2005 (29, BOS): 158

2006 (30, BOS): 161

2007 (31, BOS): 171


That's a pretty clear trajectory of improvement. Obviously the biggest jump is 2002 to 2003, but it isn't a red flag or anything.

This isn't to say that Ortiz wasn't (or isn't) juicing, just that too much is made of the difference in his Minnesota and Boston stats.

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He did some interviews that he admitted he was on the list of players from the anonymous testing. He later did an interview in which he said the union would rather he didn't talk about the list. Since then he has denied using. I remember seeing the clips years ago. He recently had a couple of down years and it looked like he was done with the sox. But miraculously he "found" his stroke again. I truly believe he used back the. And is using to this day. No evidence, just a hunch. Plus he has zero class when he flips the bat after a homer. And MLB loves Ortiz and the sox. Remember Ortiz going nuts and breaking The water cooler in the visitors dugout earlier this year. No fine. No suspension. Favoritism pure and simple.

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