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Predict Pujols' and Hamilton's 2014 numbers.

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I still don't trust either of them, although I can see improvement over 2013.


Pujols should have something like .300/.360/.540/.900 with say 35 HRs and 115 rbis.

But I predict .270/.330/.470/.800 with 28 HRs and 90 rbis.   Solid, but not nearly superstar territory

He hasn't truly been healthy since 2010, as even 2012 saw his knees affected by surgery the previous off-season. 


Hamilton should have something like .290/.350/.500/.850 with say 30 HRs and 100 rbis.

But I predict .275/.325/.450/.775 with 23 HRs and 85 rbis.   Solid, but not nearly superstar territory


And we're paying these two by now some $40 million combined for 2014?

:( :( :( :(

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I'm predicting 25, for both of them.

In millions made I mean.

But to be honest, I expect both to bounce back. Pujols is getting old, but he's still one of the smartest hitters in the game. And I think he's the type that has the ego that will push him to shut people up. Whereas some guys sign a big contract and become content, he's chasing history (he won't get there, but still is). I see no reason why he can't bounce back a la david ortiz a few years ago. Sure, we'll never see vintage pujols (maybe on the history channel), but I think he's gonna come back strong if the foot is healed (no pun intended).

As per hamilton, I think he'll be fine. Probably close to the numbers you projected, but to be fair, that would be a huge leap forward. I expect closer to 30 home runs though.

We shall see.

I'm with all you guys that see doom and gloom. That said, I think the silver lining is the fact EVERYTHING wentwrong this year (sans trout). A little luck the other way and we would have been fine.

So I'm not so much worried about the bats as much as the pitching. That said, I doubt arte sits still. I doibt he doesn't open his wallet. Hes operated at a loss before. I fully believe he goes above the tax this year to try and right the ship.

Had the bad contracts not been him, its different. But I'm sure he knows he dug this hole. I doubt he doesn't take a hit to try and pull the team out.

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I don't think there's any reason to believe Albert Pujols will have a .900+ OPS. The last time he did that was in 2011 and it was only .906.


I expect Pujols to have an OPS around .820-.850, unless he finds the steroids Ortiz is taking.

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For Pujols, 2014 is a make or break year. I don't expect vintage Pujols numbers ever again, but I do expect him to put up at least 2 years with a 900+ OPS. I'm willing to make excuses for him for 2012 and 2013, but in 2014 there is no excuse. Either he has a great year, or he is a washed up has been.

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Dawg, how bout he puts up 2012 type numbers without the first five weeks of shit. So he would be a very productive but overpaid player. If he puts up a low .800 ops does that mean he's washed up?


Absolutely. He is getting paid 250 million to do what most other first basemen in baseball can do. And it shows me he really is in a serious decline and we can continue to expect worse over the final 7 years of his contract.


If he can put up a .900+ OPS the next two years, and then a .800+ OPS the two years after that before declining into the .700 range then I will be ok with that. I don't think anyone could have realistically expected him to live up to the contract but if the Angels can get 5 good years out of him I will be happy.

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