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Is this like the worst postseason ever for Angels fans?

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All 4 teams are teams we generally dont like. 


Dodgers = So Cal rivarly

Red Sox = Buck Foston

Tigers = Snobbery

Cardibnals = You guys can have him back please take him!!


At first I wanted the Dodgers to win because it might drive Arte so mad that he wouldnt make retarded signings like Joe Blanton and Fernado Rodney.  Now im thinking Tigers, but I cant stand them aside from Cabrera and Torii. 

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Boston is my second favorite team, so I'm rooting for them.  I also find myself rooting for the Doyyurs;  I like their team and Puigs' energy, and they're easier to tolerate now that Lasorda is further in the background.  I just don't want them to win because of Doyyur fans.

I'm also rooting for Torii, but dislike most of the other Tiggers.  

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I have no problem with any team but like lbhaols says..most of the other tigers and it has nothing to do with being eliminated by them (Verlander) again for the 2nd straight year in 5 (in Oakland).


Torii is alright, but he's also an instigator. Trying to get under other players skins is fine, but telling fans (even if its your own) its not only ok, but encouraged to interfere with balls in play not to mention he was willing to 'die on the field' (for a ball he overran)...man..both of those things are just stupid.


Miguel Cabrera is trash. One of the best overall hitters, ever..but it stops there.


Prince Fielder, whatever.


Martinez, Peralta..not my favorites.


Verlander..no problem with him.


As far as the op..don't just judge it by the teams.. If it's mainly rivalry driven, fine...but like others have said...whose really on the Dodgers you don't like? I can see Puig, but that's about it.


For now (for me anyways) it will be the Giants/Tigers..mainly because of a lot of people on both of those teams and no...this shouldn't be close to the worst post season for Angels fans.

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The only teams I liked were the Pirates & Rays.  After they got knocked out I'm rooting for the Tigers only because of Torii and no other reason. The only way this final four could be worse for me personally would be if it were Yanks/Sox.

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I agree that these final four teams are pretty much a worst-case scenario as far as who to root for.  I wanted each ALDS/NLDS outcome to be different and hate this is the way it is playing out.  I'm rooting for the Cardinals to win over the Doyyers and the Tigers to win over Boston but have a feeling that it will be a Dodgers vs Red Sox WS which will really suck.  Kind of like the Angels vs Giants WS for Dodger fans.

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I hate the fact that ex-Angels like Greinke and Hunter are making critical contributions to their teams' success in the postseason, while we're sitting around watching.


Lackey and Napoli pretty much won game 3 of the ALCS for the Sux by themselves.

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