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Over here you can get pretty much anything. I usually do 1 a weekend. I keep a box of #5 Montecristo as my regulars. They run about $160 a box. Not so big as to be an all night commitment and not so pricy to make you wonder why you just spent $50 on a cigar. The weather is great right now so one of these with a glass of 21 year old Glenlivet out on the patio is my escape from the rat race.

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Gurkha Grand Reserve is really nice.  http://www.cigar.com/cigars/viewcigar.asp?brand=386


Almost anything Gurkha is really good.


If you like lighter cigars then Macanudo are really nice.  http://www.cigar.com/cigars/viewcigar.asp?brand=132


Buy from Cigar.com or cigarsinternational.com they are much cheaper than any shop you find.


If you get serious make sure you get a good humidor and humidity system.

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I have been a cigar smoker for about ten years. My favorites are too many to list, but among them are anything by Padron, CAO Brazilia, La Gloria Cubana Serie R, Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, Oliva Serie V, Graycliff Chateau Grand Cru (these are quite expensive), La Herencia Cubana Oscuro, Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve and Reserva Real, Kristoff, Graycliff Turbo, Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 gold, 5 Vegas Relic and Cask Strength, most anything by Punch, Oliveros King Havano, Camacho, Macanudo 1968 and Portofino, H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon and Partagas Black. Also like pretty much anything in the Gurkha line. Your Rocky Patel Edge choice is an excellent one. Also like their Sun Grown, Decade and Olde World Reserve.


The places I buy from:

Cigars International/Cigar Bid


Famous Smoke Shop/Cigar Monster (something like CBid, only with a fixed price and no bidding; twice daily they put all their deals up at once)

Cigar Fox (you can make your own samplers at this place, and prices for singles aren't outrageous)


Atlantic Cigars

CVM Cigars


The place I avoid:

Thompson Cigars. I bought from them once, and the telemarketing calls started before my first (and as it turned out, only) order arrived. They continued for almost a year, sometimes multiple times daily. Awful reputation in cigar circles.

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Great post VHF.  La Herencia Cubana has some great CT wrapped cigars.


Cigar bid and CI are great because they will sell variety packs of most major brands so you can try them out.


Gurkha makes some limited runs every year that are always great and affordable.


It is kind of trendy but the Man O War stuff is great as well.  5 Vegas (pronounced cinco vegas) usually have some great limited run stuff as well.

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I'm pretty-much a 20-year novice...  I like Upmanns, Macanudos, La Glorias, etc. mostly maduros.  When I have some spare "me-time", I like to sit out by the pool, with a few beers, whiskey, and a book (sometimes I'll listen to the Angels on the radio, if I need some pain with my pleasure).

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What are some good lower end sticks ?


La Herencia Cubana is a good stick for a moderate price. Cigars International carries them. A lot of people like Flor de Oliva, although I don't find them very satisfying. There are also some good sticks in the Indian Tabac line, the one that gave Rocky Patel his start.


Montecristo is one I omitted from my list. Solid stick in the mild-to-moderate range, although they seem to be getting disturbingly pricey.

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