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University of Texas..... nachos

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One of the guys on the Cal board I post on is a BearHorn and he posted this beauty that he came across on the Orangebloods pay forum the other day. Apparently they're so far beyond complaining about the football and the football staff that this is the kind of thing they're sending in to the AD to make it clear ridiculous things are. It had me laughing pretty heartily...




I sent Email to Dodds and Plonsky about those bad nacho changes they made this year. Plonsky is gonna get it changed

To Texas sports foods

Nachos... Nachos
Are my favorite food to eat at games. Why did we change our nachos? I can't handle the bag and the dinky tray with the cheese and it's not enough cheese and if you want more cheese you have to pay two dollars for more cheese and it's just a bag of Tostitos and also I got jalapenos and they were frozen they were like ice jalapenocicles and it was not good nachos are the only thing I live for. I go to Friday night football games here in the state of Texas everyone knows that and I get the nachos and they are puny weak and basically just an appetizer to hold me over until I get to my Texas longhorn nachos which are what I consider that one time a real man's nacho.

I don't know what prompted y'all to change it. I do get six tickets my grandpa has four that's 10 tickets plus a donations. Then 8 for womens basketball I think that I am entitled to a little bit of the nacho roundtable talk about nachos say whatever the changes from a nacho I would like to be incorporated cause this version is bad and I know bad I am a nacho lover.

When Mr. nacho made his nachos and a little Mexican town across the border in the early 60s and he made them or his wife made them someone made them and all they had was chips cracked up fried tortilla five chips and cheese and tomato and put them on and served them to the hung over out of towners people do you think this is what nacho's wife had in mind was for me and countless other nacho lovers to have a bad experience at our Texas games. Mr. nacho would be appalled I'm not happy for him I think he might be not happy with this imposter of nachos.

Do you think when George Bush brought nachos to America yes that's right Mr. George W Bush not the dad the son he brought them to America and this is not what he had in mind either. No more bag chips no more frozen peppers and if I only get cheese into the little cup fill that gooeieness up to the top it won't hurt if it even spills over a tad. I'm moeny hurting and $4.50 should buy you a quality product.

My next issue why no Dr Pepper this is Texas that stuff is like our water and you no have it in the stadium. Id drop my nacho complaint if we could just get dr
Pepper. I drink over a case of dp every 2 days and it's hard not to havey suckle of dp during my texas games football and basketball women's and men's. I've been to the museum in Waco I know that inventor had to be a longhorn fan and he might be spinning in his grave knowing his fellow fans ain't getting no dr pepper.

I lookin forward hearing from y'all and how we can try to fox these matters. Thank you an god bless everyone of y'all.

____________________________________________________________ _

Plonsky was kind harted enough to write me back.

"Plonsky, Christine A" wrote:

Thanks for your email. We will check into the concessions issues you refer to below. Appreciate your email and your support of UT !


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