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LA Times: Letters: Did Angels make the right moves?

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Fans find it hard to believe the bench coach and hitting coach were responsible for this season's woes.

Most Angels fans are probably scratching their heads at Arte Moreno's decision to retain Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia, while firing bench coach Rob Picciolo and hitting coach Jim Eppard. Here's my take:j1Skx9MjXrM

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Pollak is a moron.  Name who was available when you only had a few dollars to spend.  Oh that's right, Arte used all the budget.  


I think it's more in lieu of signing Hamilton. The Angels needed pitching, bad, and after moving on from Greinke, they seemingly didn't focus any of their attention on Anibal Sanchez, or Kyle Lohse, but instead on Josh Hamilton. Sure a lot of us were excited about it, but I think most knew what the Angels' real problem was and Hamilton prevented them from truly improving the rotation. Liriano was available and in hindsight would have been a better choice than freaking Joe Blanton, but I won't knock Jerry for that since I didn't want Liriano at all and I highly doubt he would have pitched as well in Anaheim as he did in Pittsburgh.


The fact is, the Angels took a huge chunk of the spending budget and used it on more offense, when they needed pitching. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever and looks absolutely retarded when you see how Hamilton contributed this year. Even if he was the same Hamilton we saw in Texas it still doesn't make sense. The Angels tried to slug their way into the playoffs this year and failed hilariously. Even if Hamilton contributes the way he was expected to he isn't going to make up 18 games in the standings, or even 13 games for the wild card. Hell, him and Pujols having career years probably doesn't get them into the playoffs this year.


While having one, or even two good pitchers replacing Blanton/Hanson probably doesn't get them to the playoffs either, they at least have a better outlook going into 2014. Right now, they need 2 starters, and 2 relievers (at least), instead of just a couple relievers, and maybe a back-end starter.

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Did....did you read the article?

Yes I did. Then, just for you, I read it again. I still missed the part where anyone in the organization explained that these moves were made in response to the pitching problems. I do realize that most teams have completed their off season work by Columbus Day but maybe this year will be an exception?

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These moves aren't moves, they are coaching changes.  They are trying to develop a different culture on the bench and in the clubhouse.  The real moves come a little later when we change out some players.  Can't wait for that, should be a real message board fun fest.

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It is hard to say what impact a big upgrade in a bench coach can do, since it depends on the manager.  I just go back to how much better Sciosh was when he had Madden as his bench coach, there was a difference.


And the hitting coach, I think sticking with Eppard was a mistake to begin with.  While I think he was better than Hatcher who was probably too comfortable, was he automatically the best guy out there?  I think they should have talked that one over a bit, but they probably weren't talking.


So at least it's good that the two seem to be hell bent on working together.  Now here's hoping they bring Ersty onto the staff.

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