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Bourjos Trade Value?

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He will be a lot more valuable for the Angels if they keep him rather than trade him given his current value is probably down, as long as he stays healthy.

Not necessarily.  Calhoun has beat him out for a starting OF gig IMO, others may disagree, but I think an OF of Trout in center, Hamilton in LF and Calhoun in RF is ideal.  I don't see Hamilton or the Angels being OK with Josh DHing on a regular basis.  

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Unfortunately Peter is now the typical type of player that other teams buy low on. He's had two injury-marred seasons in a row and doesn't really have a starting job lined up for him. As someone said, I don't know if the Angels will be able to get more than, say, a very good middle reliever/setup guy. That's something, but if Peter is healthy he's going to be much more valuable. I just don't see how it could be for the Angels, unless they trade Trumbo and are willing to rotate players through LF, RF, 1B, and DH.

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"Alex, 'What is non-existant'!"


"I'll take Worst Contracts in the History of Baseball, for $1000"


Trebek: "This player fooled one team into giving him a 100+ million dollar contract and then was traded to the Angels."


"Who is 'Vernon Wells'!"


Trebek: "Correct! Pick another category!"


"MLB Managers for $800, please!"


Trebek: "This manager failed to make the playoffs in four consecutive seasons and was still retained for the 2014 season."


"Who is Mike S-C-I-O-S-C-I-A!"


Trebek: "Sorry we can't accept that answer as we needed the actual pronunciation."

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Bourjos is the worst possible player to trade right now.  His value plummeted because he wasn't able to stay on the field.  He may not have a starting gig with the Angels next year, but the thing is, if they don't trade him and he plays up to his ability, he infuses the team with more speed, lots of hits, bunting ability, defense and immediately improves the pitching staff with his D in CF.  


Do you want to trade a player that's capable of doing all that for cheap?  Furthermore, teams know he's capable of doing that and would definitely be interested in acquiring him, but by no means would they be willing to pay the price for it.  


It's best to hold onto him for now.  If he plays well enough in Spring he can beat out Calhoun for a starting spot and then the Angels can trade one of the two at the deadline or after next year. 

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I like Petey. Hopefully we keep him in cf, Trout lf, Hamilton rf with Calhoun covering both hamilton and pujols. Shuck as the 5th outfileder. At least until we know Josh, Albert and Peter are all good to go for the whole season. (This is with the assumption of Trumbo beimg traded)

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He's a gold glove caliber player at a premium defensive position who has proven he can hold his own offensively. He's cost controlled for the next few seasons. Teams will call. He alone won't net you an all star starter but he has plenty of trade value.


He's shown stretches where he can hit, but a career .704 OPS is not good at all.

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there might be a team that considers Bourjos to have a lot of value.  There might not.  He shouldn't be traded unless we find that team. 


No team will trade equal value for him. There is no upside there, and teams are looking for bargains. He is like that refurbished electronics item on ebay being sold by someone with 14 feedback. LoL.

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