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ha  the game was off the board and then word got out that Rosen would play. lines went out at Utah +7 . I pounced on it.  Had a buddy who told me there was no way Rosen could play today, and if he tried to he wouldn't last more than one series. 

hopefully Texas has that private jet fueled up 

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You spelled 90 wrong

your fatal flaw in this analogy is assuming kate and i will actually divorce. we won't.

No. He's not. 1) He was a chess champion, not a football coach. 2) He's dead.

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The defensive issues came outta nowhere.  The Bruins had played excellent defense all season until this game.  That happens though when your team can't run the ball and throws 70 passes.

With that said, moving to a more spread offense worked well.  The wheels fell off for Faful though, too many dumb choices.  And of course, the OL is still garbage.

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1 hour ago, RallyMo said:

They better hope someone else wants him. I think the team or school would only owe ucla 2m

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12 hours ago, nate said:

@Lou am I crazy that I don't think any of this is because of KP?  Everyone seems to blame him for the offense but I haven't noticed anything egregious, they can't run the ball but that is because of the OL, not scheme IMO.

I complete agree. The OL, once again, has been complete garbage.

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7 hours ago, nate said:

Poor MJD

Also Rosen is done, Bruins suck, it was fun while it lasted...

They were a 6-6/7-5 team at best with rosen now they're a 4-8 team without him. Still terrible to see such a great talent get beaten like that.

insterested to see how the offense will look after the bye week. Air raid or pro style 

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3 hours ago, Angel Oracle said:

USC would greatly appreciate a UCLA win over Colorado.

Defense is playing a great game. Tak is going to be a rich man soon and Brown could be the most underrated player in the country.

re: offense, particularly the running game. The OL deserves a lot of the blame, but one of the guys on the halftime show said something I was telling my buddies a couple of weeks ago - the backs don't run the ball with any power. The only back that occasionally does is Sparks. 


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Yeah the backs definitely are too tentative.  I am pretty annoyed by some of the play calling too.  After that first INT, they had the ball around the 25, lose 8 yards to the sack and then its a draw play on second and 18... wtf?  They are running this semi zone read play but still not really doing anything with it.  Guess they are worried about Colorado's DBs.  They do run a lot of zone I guess.

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