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Has the Shark been jumped?

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Rick will offer them $1.99 for one. 


LOL.  I wonder how many calls they get that go something like, well, it's all good and all, but I haven't seen it work, so how do I know it works?  Just because you have pitched it as such does not mean it will work as intended.  I'll give you $5, but you have to pay for shipping and handling.

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I've used the green handle Shick 2 blades with aloe for over a decade now, 12 for $6 at Target. 1 razor a week.


Anything more than 2 blades is overkill for me, causes razor burn and I swear takes off a layer of skin.


Sure, professional barbers still only use 1 blade, but I'm not a professional barber now, AM I RICK?

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I subscribe to Dollar Shave Club. I get the medium priced blades (four-blade cartridge), which costs me $6 per month for four blade cartridges. The razor was free with my first order. You can get four twin blade cartridges for $1 per month if you want to go as cheaply as possible.


The Dr. Carver's Shave Butter ($8 per tube) is a treat. One great thing is that, in addition to containing skin conditioners, it is clear when you apply it to your face. If you have a small cut or an irritated patch you're trying to avoid, you can easily see it as you shave. A tube lasts me for 2-3 months.


I also cut the crap out of myself with a safety razor when I was first learning to shave. Took about half an hour to stop the bleeding.

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I have a high end Merkur safety razor that is similar. Don't really use it much as the four blade ones do a better job. But I do like the rest if the supplies like the badger brush and shaving soaps. There is also an aftershave called something like Taylor on Bond Street that is a legit after lotion.

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