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Last time you were excited about a young Angels starter?


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On 10/7/2021 at 9:08 AM, AngelsLakersFan said:

8 years later and the responses won't have changed.

It's funny.  I was reading through this thread and had ZERO thought about looking at the date of the thread.  This quote is really spot on.  Those responses have weathered the sands of time.  

I'll tell you who I'm excited for right now.....Patrick Sandoval.  He has a nasty slider, and an above average change up.  He has a pretty good fastball that runs in to right handed hitters.  Sad to see the injury bug got him this year.

I hope he can remain healthy and not suffer the "Kelvin Escobar" career path.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Sandoval can do.

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Detmers (possibly because he represented a glimmer of hope that the FO finally saw our true need).   Before that Adenhart.   Before him, Weaver.  Before him Lackey and KRod

CRod, Richards and Newcomb too, but at a different level.  More “I hope so” than “I can’t wait” if that makes any sense.

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I think what I could've eluded to more eloquently back in 2013 was that there's always some pitching prospect I'm personally excited about. Santana, then Weav, then Saunders, then Richards, Skaggs, Reckling, Heaney, Shoemaker....

There's always one. 

I think a testament to the work that Billy and Perry have put in is that for the first time in a long time, there's more than one. Detmers, Rodriguez, Suarez, Sandoval, Davis, Bachman, Bush...

I think my biggest wish is that I could've understood the fail rate on pitching prospects when I was younger. I was so damn sure that Richards was an ace, the idea of injury never truly factored into my line of thought. Skaggs too. 

Of the seven guys I listed above, chances are one ends up being a front of the rotation starter, another one ends up in the back of a rotation, a couple others end up in the bullpen, one or two others end up getting injured and one never makes it. 

God help us if we don't have at least a dozen different guys we are excited about. 


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