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Koji Uehara's 2013 season

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That is the ultimate in sick.   0.57 WHIP, 1.07 ERA, 101/9 Ks/BBs


Would be nice if we could ever have a solid bullpen again!

Maybe, maybe, the most recent solid bullpen season was 2008.  


Fire Butcher, and stay out of personal player pursuit Arte Moreno and leave it to the people you hired!

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2011 Was Skewed by the lack of a true elite closer, but the pen was pretty legit.


The team gave up 633 runs that year. That's solid. 


Jordan Walden blew ten saves. Also had a 2.98 ERA in 60 innings.

Fernando Rodney was bad at 4.50 ERA. 

Rich Thompson managed a 3.00 ERA.

Scott Downs was elite at 1.34.

Takahashi was good at 3.44.

Bobbt Cassevah had a 2.72 ERA in 30 innings.


Those six pitchers allowed 111 runs over 307.2 innings. That's not awful. It's a 3.24 ERA. The rest of the pen sucked that year, but as a whole the team's relievers had a 3.52 ERA over 422 innings.

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Downs was lock down in 2011, Walden was a decent/maybe solid closer, and Takahashi/Cassevah/Thompson were decent/maybe solid.   Rodney was very mediocre.


That to me is a decent, maybe bordering on solid, bullpen.


It's pretty bad when over a 5 years period, you have ONE decent/solid bullpen season.

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Even in '11 the Angels had the most blown saves in the league (toronto had a slightly worse save%).

ERA was fine but hardly a consolation when they can't close a freakin window.

They also blew more games because the offense sucked. Every time the bullpen gave up a run it was a blown save

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the WPA for 2011 for the entire pen was 0.76.  23rd in baseball.  Meaning that they pretty much sucked in meaningful situations that year.  The last guy out of the pen is the most or at least one of the top 3 most important pen guys.  You can't just throw out the closers' numbers. 

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