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How to fix the pitching?


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Sign Tanaka and Colon. Colon on a one year deal is way better then Vargas on multi-year deal. Trade Bourjos for bullpen arms. Trade Howie or Trumbo depending on what is being offered for young starting pitching that is ML ready. Still think the Angels will need a closer, but a rotation of Weaver, Colon, Tanaka, CJ, Richards should be good enough with depth in the minors from a trade.  I know a lot people won't like signing Colon but at his age he could be one of few pitchers that won't  cost a lot and only a one year deal. 

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Would it be safe to say that Dipoto is officially incompetent if he re-signs Madson?

If that happened and I were Arte I'd hire a PI to see if he's added extra stories onto his house from the kickbacks he's likely getting from Boras under the table.


Re-signing Madson AGAIN would be eerily similar to the time Reagins inherited a wad of cash from some random unknown relative shortly after the Wells trade...

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Tanaka is pretty much a MUST at this point. I would also say Vargas is as well, though it isn't the end of the world if he isn't re-signed. If they can get both, the rotation looks like:








I'm OK with that. Though it could certainly be better and I would be fine if the Angels explored trade options for a starter which would push Richards back into the swingman spot. I think they have to trade Howie and/or Trumbo for a pitching prospect with a ton of upside. I think they need to re-explore the Kendrick for Lee/Withrow trade since that kills two birds with one stone (SP depth and bullpen depth).


As for signing relievers, Joe Smith is a good guy to go after. Smith has been a solid reliever for every year of his career now, and has been very good the last 3 years. As a setup man he would come cheaper than a closer and I would be perfectly happy having him as the set-up man/closer (if Frieri is not going to be the closer). Javier Lopez would be great as well but could be pretty expensive. He's already making 4.25 million and given the year he has had this year will probably look for at least 5 million a year. Still, he is ABSURD against left-handed hitters and the Angels need a guy like that in the chance Burnett isn't healthy.

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According to this article the Angels aren't even going to offer Vargas a qualifying offer because him accepting it would cause them to go over the cutoff for the luxury tax. If true then the Hamilon deal looks even more idiotic than it did during the 2013 season.


I think that's more speculation than anything. Neither Arte nor Jerry have said anything about the payroll flexibility. It is just assumed that Arte will not go over it (which is a good assumption, admittedly). They also have pieces to trade and Kendrick could free up some payroll as well as Aybar and even Iannetta.

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Won't be here next year (and is not a free agent):







Total projected salary (including my estimate for arbitration): $15.3 million


Possible players who won't be here next year (and aren't free agents):









Projected salaries: $14.6 million.


Some hard decisions will need to be made, and some of them will be unpopular. If all these guys are gone, it saves $30 million (not in AAV, but in actual salary).

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