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California Golden Bears Football

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I agree

well's said 

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Does Dykes plan on using Bigelow for two carries a game or three carries a game?

Woah, woah, woah. Pump the brakes there. You don't simply use gamebreaking playmakers more than twice a game. You've got to be unpredictable.


...but yeah. I assume he'll see the field a lot more. It's still insane to me that Tedford didn't have them draw up more plays for him.


Bigs is injured and won't be able to get back on the field until summer, though, so that's a bit of a bummer.


...and speaking of Tedford: they cut his byebye deal earlier this month: $5.something million.

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How did Cal's recruiting class end up?

It was alright and probably better than would have been expected given the state of the program.


They loaded up on quantity in areas that they felt we were deficient in.


I'm excited to see what Dykes and Franklin can do with the offense.

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Seems great and in line with the rest of the Pac12/CFB world, unlike somebody else's contract was (cough, cough).


If we assume the buyout for JT was covered by donations, it's pretty much a zero sum game assuming a bump in assisstant pay. Hopefully assisstant pay is a bit better than before. I imagine that Franklin will be well compensated.

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Crazy how close the pay is for all of the coaches in the P12.  I know there are extra incentives and private contributions to coaches pay that are not listed.


Sark and Lame are now the most over paid coaches in the conference since JT is gone.

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Oh that's a great rating considering the recent departures, coaching change and, forgive me for saying, underperformance of the program. I have gone to many Cal football/basketball games and loved that 3OT game against USC with Rodgers as QB (I was at that game but I might have those details incorrect).


lol at "forgive me for saying"

dude dont apologize, even us cal alum have been bitching about the underperformance for years. 

its just an org that seems to get so close, but can never quite get it together.


hopefully new coach gets them back on track.

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comments on wilner's post about the dykes contract:


"You’d think a school that hasn’t been to the Rose Bowl since 1959 would reward an appearance there a little bit better. Not that it’s going to happen. But when it comes to Cal and the Rose Bowl, it’s the thought that counts."



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Excellent job might be a bit of a stretch, last seasons was his first as Beaver's head coach with less than four losses. He is a decent coach, but also is very conservative/stubborn. He pretty much cost them the game against Washington last season. Mannion threw four picks, and only after the last one did he finally pull him for Vaz, who almost came from behind to win it for them. He's a solid coach and everything, just nothing great IMO.


Looking at that, Mike Riley might be the most underpaid coach in sports.  That man does an excellent job and he is getting paid peanuts compared to the rest of the conference.

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