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AngelsWin.com NFL Picks - Week 3 results

Recommended Posts

Jim - 13-3

tdawg - 13-3

DW711 - 11-5

Agalloch - 11-5

xboom - 10-6

SlappyUGuy - 10-6

Chimi - 10-6

James - 10-6

Stoddart - 10-6

YouthofToday - 10-5

Soto - 9-7

nate - 9-7

AngelDog&Beer - 9-7

BlackBeard - 9-7

Ray McKigney - 9-7

Hollyw00d - 9-7

Sigbaby - 9-7

primitive - 9-7

HeavenlyHalos - 8-8

MT - 8-8

Catshat - 8-8

Brandon - 8-8

aaronkv - 8-7

Cory - 8-8

eleven - 8-8

Angels_Drink - 8-8

vernster - 7-9

tennischmp - 7-9

m0nkey - 7-9

AngelsandRamsFan - 7-9

Tank - 7-9

OregonLAA - 7-9

bloodbrother - 7-9

Katie - 7-9

Team Cooley - 7-9

decinces11 - 6-10

Kyle Miller - 6-10

Troutipoo27 - 6-10

Chuck - 6-9

Swanson - 6-10

CardsFan - 6-10

jammer36 - 6-10

Shane - 4-12








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Just curious but shouldn't these weekly threads be locked once the Thursday game starts, as a few people last week just submitted everything after the game had ended (including that Thursday result).


-Buzz Killington

That is the dilemma.  I don't want it locked after Thur game because you should be able to change your picks before Sunday on the Sunday games.  It does say when edited and everyone has had it date stamped before Sunday.  The ones that had an edit this week all picked Philadelphia so I have confidence all the folks here won't go switch the Thur game.....even though as bad as I am doing it wouldn't even help me.  


I normally browse through and see the usual faces if they have picked, even pm'd some if they missed a bold on their picks.  Somehow I missed Chuck left one out this week. When you see an edit, they already picked the Thursday game and just made changes before Sunday.   Remember the prize isn't a Tesla, it's all good.  I do recommend you go over my picks before making yours and reconsider anything I picked. 

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Well on page three of this:  http://www.angelswin-forum.com/forums/topic/7711-angelswincom-nfl-picks-week-3/page-3


In one instance the Thursday game was picked about an hour into it, and in another instance, it was picked Friday. Hate to be that guy to point out something that is rather trivial and whatnot, however it is rather annoying to see some taking advantage of this, intentional or not (both were given credit for the Chiefs win). 


In any event, thank you for running this contest, Kurt. I love the contests on this site and appreciate the time you take to tally the results and update it weekly.

Edited by HeavenlyHalos
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I was one of the post Thursday submits. I was tied up and forgot the NFL does a Thursday game every week this season.

I figured most know I'm a Chiefs fan and was picking them anyway, especially with Philly losing to sorry San Diego and the Chiefs rise this year.

It was an easy pick but if people are going to whine about it you can take away one of my wins.

Like Kurt said, we aren't winning a Tesla here. I don't really care.

Also, can we put the picks thread in the NFL forum. Part of the reason I forgot to make the picks on time is I don't visit the main forum much....I've had my fill of how much we suck and who should be fired...and didn't see the thread. Even in this miscellaneous sports thread is weird.

If people are bitching and moaning more than once about it they obviously care too much and I don't want their feelings hurt in a friendly baseball internet message board pick'em. Even taking the win away I'm still in great shape and kicking a lot of ass.

Edited by Brandon
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Brandon, part of reason they start in the main forum was to try and get new members to see it.  But if it is going to be just the usual folks I don't care where it starts.  Putting in sports forum was just habit because when we did this prior years we did not have the NFL forum.  Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me to do everything there.....Tell me what you guys think. 

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