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No More Aramark?


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I know of one craft brewery that is eager to get into the stadium and were told to wait a few weeks before further discussing the possibility. Seems like there was some genuine interest. This craft brewery also just secured a deal with Staples Center which will finally have one good craft beer choice but only on the club level. 


As for the service and the food, I have no clue how they are. Can't be any worse and I am sure tey are being brought in now so they can understand the market by the time a renovation or new stadium is built. 

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It might be worse... We joke about high prices but they were nothing compared to Yankee stadium. The last time I went to Yankee stadium was 2008. It was the old stadium so I'm not sure it was Legends sports that was operating there yet. I paid $12 for a Nathan's hotdog that was no bigger than your standard $6 Angel dog.


I will certainly give this vendor a chance and will be willing to pay higher prices for better options but I'm worried we might not get better options. The food at Angel's stadium and Yankee stadium were among the worst of the about  a dozen I've been to.


I also hope for better beer selections.

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They have the Padres and USC Trojans listed as a client. But they also do more than food, doesn't say exactly what they do for the Padres or USC.


I don't care about the food too much, I usually just bring it in. But beer, I'd spend $ on some good beer.


I'm sure the Angels will have a say on what they charge for food, just depends on how much profit the Angels want to take from Legends cut of sales.

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i've heard this from season seat holders as well.  i only went to a couple games this year and didn't really notice a difference - what do you think was the difference?

In years past I really like the outdoor bbq's.  Seems the quality of those was down this year.  Used to really like the halo dog as well but same thing, just didn't seem as good as years prior.  I will say I did enjoy the addition of Chronic Tacos though, that ended up being my go to if I wanted dinner at the game.

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