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I think I know why this guy is single and this desperate


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Austin Wedding photographer Larry Busby is so desperate for a girlfriend, he's willing to pay a finders fee of $1,500 to anyone who can help him find one (there's an extra $1,000 in it for you "if this turns into marriage").

But just because he's desperate doesn't mean he doesn't have a long, highly offensive series of very specific demands.

On his website, Sleepless in Austin, Busby, who naturally goes by his stage name Romeo Rose, lists all the things he needs the girl of his dreams to be — or not to be — before he can agree to date her (sic throughout).


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"I am NOT racist. Just because I don't like the appearnce of black people does not make me racist. Just because I don't like a particular painting, does not mean I dislike the medium of Art as a whole!

But I will say this, Blacks do make up the majority of the inmates in the prisons in the country.

And I think it's White people that make up the majority of white collar executive types of positions in America. Probably more Whites are 1 percenters than there are blacks.

When I think of all of the classical composers like Mozart etc that were pure genius, I don't recall many of them being Black.

This is the 1st black president we've had so far and look what a horrible job he has done.

So in the grand scheme of things, it appears the scales are tilted in favor of Whites being the superior race, after all we weren't the ones that were enslaved workinf cotton fields for 40o years..

Just pointing out that history seems to show whites as always rising to the top and dominating all other countries and cultures and taking what they want and doing as they please, being the dominant, most powerful, most intelligent race....

I'm not saying I personally believe whites are superior to blacks, I am not a scientist, and I have not studied it to any great depth...

Just pointing out some observations.

But, again, for the millionth time, I may be a jerk, but I'm not a racist, there's a big difference.

My best friends are black and I have no hatred for them."

And this:

"Well, I've always told people I feel like a old black man trapped in a white mans body. Because I grew up playing Blues music, inspired by Son House, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf etc., but most Black men like white women too, so just sayin haha."

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