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(previous) Weekend Shenanigans: This is what you get...

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I was going to post this during the week, but wanted to think it over...I wasn’t sure it would be fair to Date Chick to post Shenanigans where she’s involved, but her role is anonymous, so I’m good with it.  So this is a Shenanigan from the previous weekend, not this weekend.  Previous Weekend’s Shenanigans...


Where to begin.  Let’s start with Friday since this is about the weekend.  I started the day off taking Tiny Rob to his hair salon.  Almost took out a couple Tour d’ Douche bicyclers on PCH on the way to Laguna.  I honked at one pack so they would know I was there and wouldn’t drift in my lane which would cause potential lawsuit against DR.


I spent the day trying to get things done but Date Chick was on my mind.  She’d been lodged there pretty much all week, especially since Tuesday when we went out...and Wednesday when we hung out...same with Thursday.  Friday, she had to meet up with a friend so I didn’t expect to see her.  It would be me, my cat, the Angel game and some sort of unhealthy food. 


All week, we’d been texting like a couple of 15 year old chicks watching Pretty Little Liars.  Date Chick is fantastic.  We’ve both had our share of crap-ola the last few years which enables either of us to act without too much expectation but with plenty of appreciation of the present.  She rolls with any conversation and lacks pretension.  She seems to know what’s important in life which is a real gift in anyone. 


Friday night arrived after I didn’t get a damn thing done all day.  I went to the gym around 6:30pm and it was empty.  ie:  Perfect.  Did a nice, long session on the life cycle then called in a combo salad for pick up from Ho Sum Bistro.  If you ever get the chance, get one of these.  They’re addicting.  Which makes sense because where I parked to get my salad, I weaved through a nearby AA meeting out on break.  The sidewalk was thick with smoke from Marlborough’s.  I’m guessing Marlborough Reds.  The good stuff, I’m told. 


I got home with my salad and ate like a champ.  Shoveling it in with the Angel game on in the background.  My phone buzzed:  the Date Chick wanted to know if she should come over after having dinner with her friend.  Of course! 


I feel like she sorta rushed through dinner to get to my place. 


When she showed up at my door, I had to check myself.  She is about 5’ 9”, and very striking, bordering on intimidating.  With her small-ish black dress and heels, well, it was like a movie.  I don’t know what the hell she’s doing with me. 


Anyways, I put on some tunes.  I think.  I can’t remember.  We sat and talked.  I’m trying to think of a good ‘80s tune to reference here, but I’m stuck.  I think I’ll refer to my old standby, The Style Council and their song “Luck”; “Luck fell in the right place for me the day you happened to come by.  Caught me feeling all was useless, left me feeling ten feet high.”


She made her way home around 11pm.  I asked what she was doing Saturday and since we’re both new at this, we made casual plans to hang out at my house.  My friend gave me an Apple TV on Thursday and I wanted to install it and switch out my receiver which is a massive giant huge pain in the arse.  I told her, “Maybe you can help me.”  She said “sure,” and offered that she could come over with her lap top to get a bunch of work done while I did my male electronics work. 

She arrived on Saturday asking if I was hungry.  Yes, always.  We went to try a newer hot dog oriented joint in Orange, but really, it was about the outing.  It was a little strange at first to have a longer drive, but it was fine. 


We got back to my place and I began the arduous task of changing out the receiver.  After a while, she told me how impressed she was that I hadn’t cursed.  I was impressed that she locked into her work with such focus and authority.  That’s cool.


My back was hurting so I took a long break.  We went to get a coffee, next to the bluff donut place I wrote about many Shenanigans ago...the joint with the artisan, hipster, craft $3.50 donut.  You and I would call it b.s.


She made her way home after a while.  We’d spent several hours together but it didn’t feel like it.  The hours evaporated quickly and with comfort.  Eventually, I went back to work on my receiver and Apple TV, finally completing the basic change-out and installation of the Apple TV.  That part was extremely easy.  I wish all electronics were as intuitive. 


Sunday, we met up and went to hipster paradise:  The Camp in Costa Mesa.  I wanted to get a pastry and she knows the owner of the Black Market Bakery so we gave it a go.  I got a chocolate croissant which was very good; no skimping on the butter.  Coffee was fresh and good.  We had a nice chat with our treats.  This is all a learning process and we’re in an accelerated program.


We came back to DR HQ (my place) where I messed around with the Apple TV and she whipped out her lap top to get more work done.  I know it all sounds terribly underwhelming, and it probably is.  In short, it’s calm, verging on reliable.  These are the things you take for granted when you don’t have them.  When you get them again, you think, “Oh...this is how life can work.  I forgot.”


For a late lunch, we went to a ghetto Vietnamese/Asian place of my choosing.  I warned Date Chick that it wasn’t high-end by any means and told her that I’d understand if she wanted to make a u-turn upon arrival.  She was excited about it and stuck it out, despite us being the only customers.  It was a little funky, but we made it about ourselves. 


She rolled with it.  It’s great when you have someone – anyone – that will go along with a situation and not complain, not nitpick.  It’s a lesson for anyone in most any situation.  People will like you more. 


I’m liking Date Chick more and more. 



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Next weeks Shenanigans will include DR standing in front of the condom display at Rite Aid paralyzed with fear that he may buy the wrong ones and is escorted out at closing time, completely missing his scheduled dinner with Date Chick which throws the relationship into uncertainty.

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She said “sure,” and offered that she could come over with her lap top to get a bunch of work done while I did my male electronics work.



A very good sign right there. I would never bring my laptop over to a friend’s house to do work. It’s obvious she likes being in your company.



To me, one of the more exciting aspects of this budding relationship is that by being so much better equipped with past experiences in life, you are able to pursue and enjoy a new relationship with eyes wide open, fully aware of the wondrous possibilities, as well as a few of the veiled pitfalls that many of us men can’t seem to avoid the first time around. Ugh! Good luck, I'm rootin for ya.   


After all, isn't life just a medley of moments strung together? Glad to see you enjoying some of yours.

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