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2013 Chiefs Thread


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Just saw this. Great thread


We look solid enough this year for a good run.


Looking ahead, I see the Titans on the road as being the first real big test and then the Texans two games after that. However, being a short week against the Eagles this week will have its challenges as well.


Go Chiefs!!!

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A good win for the Chefs tonight. Chip Kelly is going to have his hands full trying to replace Andy Reid.


Philly's D gave up too many huge 3rd downs conversions. No way should they have converted the 3rd and 15 or 3rd and 19 that they did.


Turnovers were the difference and set the tone. Eagles could have been out of it early if they don't hold them to 3 points on the first turnover.


What and the hell was that "surprise" two point conversion? Kelly has made two mistakes in two games already in the NFL. He'll learn soon that stuff that works in college won't work in the NFL.


Gonna be a big hole for the eagles to climb out of once they lose in Denver next week, which will put them at 1-3 to start the season. Hopefully they pull an upset with 10 days to prepare for the game but I'll be picking against the Eagles next week.

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I started KC's D in 2 leagues but not the last 1 and it cost me the win.  Going into yesterday their D was the highest scoring defense per yahoo and after yesterday's game that hasn't change.  They've scored more than 5 points more per game than the 2nd ranked defense in standard scoring formats.  With Tenn and Oakland as their next 2 opponents their defense could continue to rack up the points. 

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Offense isn't strong, but gets the job done.

Can't wait to see this D against the Broncos though.

I hear ya, but if our offense doesn't turn it up a notch or two, it will be a long night in Denver. 


Would be awesome to have two 10-0 teams meeting up, but I doubt that will happen. Denver plays Indy in Indy this coming Sunday. That scenario could easily end right there.  

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yeah, the Houston game scared me until they are inconsistent and looked like shit versus a not very good rams team.

we aren't really destroying teams so there is possibility some tough team can beat us.

that said, the d is beastly. sending all out blitzes on 3rd down is nuts and was awesome yesterday. Manning has never been good with pressure and our standard packages have dudes that can apply pressure without the blitz and them missing Clady and their center, who's name escapes me.

I heard some talk shows and writers talking about Cooper being the steal of the year. dude has been great.

I still think Denver beats us, but want to see how good we really are and where we stand.

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KC's defense is still crushing it both on the field and in fantasy football. I think their D line could give the Broncos O-line some real trouble with Clady out as mentioned. Hopefully by the time they meet up in November Franklin is healthy as he's now got an injured ankle and knee and could miss some time. Regardless of who is or isn't healthy the game in KC will be a tough one for Denver to win if KC's D keeps playing like it has.

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yeah, picked up the d after week four off waivers. same thing happened with Seattle last year which has been awesome. they had me a little worried but killed it the second half and still haven't allowed a td in the 4th. they lead in sacks, have a pick 6 in three of six games, and have good 3 and out numbers. I still held onto Houston, but can now drop them for a RB. three picks yesterday without the #1 CB instills confidence.

we'll see. everyone said Denver was in trouble when clady went down but they haven't missed a beat.

I have welker as my flex who has been great. I'll take chiefs wins with him having two touchdown games.

can't wait for the november meeting. the week 17 one will be interesting because both should have a playoff spot locked up, but maybe the division is in the line.

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