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St. Louis Rams thread

Angel Oracle

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More Tavon Austin and Zac Stacy goodness, as the Rams beat Chicago 42-21 to improve to 5-6. 


Kellen Clemens has done just enough at QB, and hasn't made glaring mistakes so far.

Hopefully, Stacy's concussion isn't a long term issue beyond now and the season.


NFC West and AFC West = heads and shoulders above ANY other division in the NFL. 

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That was a nice upset win over the Saints, with Brees helping out with 2 early INTs. 


Rookie RB Zac Stacy, the same guy I said was an underrated draft pick earlier in 2013, has really arrived with only a couple of poor stats games since moving into the starting lineup in late September. 

He could reach 1000 yards rushing as a rookie (needing only about 150 yards in 2 weeks).



Now, just get some DB help for 2015 and a little more overall depth, and they may be solid in 2015.


The NFC West is a brutal division though, and THREE teams may end up in the post-season.

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What Nando said, they could get a nice haul of draft picks including a DB and another OL.

Besides, Bradford will do just fine in 2014, having Austin and hopefully the other young WR to throw to. It's not his fault the WR core was lacking before 2013.

Some are now saying that Robert Quinn may finish near the top of the NFL defensive POTY voting.

The defensive front seven doesn't have too many that are better.

Doesn't hurt of course to have Road Warrior Animal's son in the LB core. :)

Shore up the secondary, and look out.

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Just another win today over TB, 23-13

Unfortunately, Seattle will need to win next week for HFA, and thus 7-9 is the likely record for 2013.

But I want to again thank the WORST owner in the NFL, Daniel Snyder, for tanking in 2013 and allowing the Rams to dangle the #2 overall pick in exchange for 2-3 early round picks to go with their own mid-first round pick. Two OL and a pair of safeties should help to shore up those needs nicely.

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Darned Titans had to go and win, and thus deny the Rams the #1 overall pick. That would have set up nice for the #1 overall pick going to Houston for the #2 and #34 overall picks, as the Texans desperately want Bridgewater. Then the Rams could conceivably have had 4 picks in the top 45 to attack the OL and safety issues, along with a TE.

One thing is for sure. Bradford could well have a deep group of WRs to throw to in 2014. Just need a TE.

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27-9 loss gives the Rams a 7-9 record, in a 4 way tie for the 10th worst NFL record with the Giants, Lions, and Titans.

So in addition to the #2 overall pick from Washington, the Rams will have somewhere between the #10 and #13 pick in each round.

I smell draft bonanza, if trading the #2 overall pick for 2 very high first and second round picks.

Get those OL and safeties in there from the draft.

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Latest thoughts on the #2 and #13 overall picks?


Rams HAVE to take Robinson or Matthews with the #2 overall pick.  

OL is sorely in need of upgrading, and both grade extremely high in all mock drafts.


#13 overall pick is a little more murky.

OL is bad enough (just ask the battered Bradford) that maybe they take Lewan if he's still available?

Otherwise, CB is also in need of an upgrade.    Gilbert would be a good pick here, if Lewan is taken already.


One mock draft has them taking WR Sammy Watkins with the #2 overall pick.   

That is what a franchise who wants only flash would do.    

They already have potential big play WR's in Austin and Bailey. 

No thanks to picking Watkins, OL...OL...OL     Just do it!

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It's time to resurrect this thread, what with the first pre-season Rams game just a week away.


A really strong draft, returning pretty much all of their key 2013 players, and hopefully a 100% Bradford could all lead them to finally getting back over .500.


Stacy and rookie Tre Mason finally gives them a solid 1-2 RB punch, with the between the ash marks Stacy and the more explosive Mason (4.5 40). 

Rookie Aaron Donald makes that defensive front seven potentially ridiculous now.

Rookies Joyner and Alexander may help to better a somewhat weak secondary in 2013.

Receiving corps is potentially deep enough with TE's Cook and Kendricks and WR's Givens, Austin, Bailey, and Pettis


Post-season chances are still iffy, thanks to being in a brutal division.

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