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This will be a good team next year

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Starting pitching is good with Weaver, Wilson, Richards, Vargas, and whatever pitcher as long as it isn't Blanton or Hanson.  Pick up a Paul Byrd type for cheap and now you have a good enough starting staff to compete.


Bullpen:  Got some decent work out of De La Rosa, Kohn, and Frieri.  You get two more reliable through FA signing or trade.  And, you assume that one of the guys in the farm steps up and takes a spot.  And, there you go.  Shutdown bullpen. 


Offernse:  I expect big things from an offense with Trout, a healthy Pujols, a Hamilton with a bounce back year, a consistent power threat in Trumbo, Howie, and a promising up-and-comer in Calhoun. 


If the team doesn't suffer too many injuries to key players, there's absolutely no reason why they can't compete next year. 

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I agree with everything in the OP except that our rotation is "good" and we only need a "Paul Byrd type." The Angels need something more than that. I mean they could  compete with that rotation, but I'd much rather see them get someone better. Unfortunately there isn't much available. The Angels might have to settle for another Vargas type, and trade Kendrick, Trumbo or Bourjos for a pitching prospect that could help if someone goes down.

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There's no way they should stand pat with that rotation. It should be the number one focus in the off season.


yup, the rotation has zero depth and the bullpen has too many crappy pitchers with no control.   the entire pitching staff, and coaching staff, needs a major overhaul for this team to be competitive.


it's a bad gameplan to go into a season hoping that all of your pitchers will have career years and stay healthy.   as we saw this year

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We need a front-end type desperately.  #1 or a strong #2, Weaver, Wilson, Richards and Vargas looks about right.  The #1-2 could be someone like Price, who would immediately jump to the #1 spot, or a youngster with upside like Wacha, who could begin in the #4-5 spot and work his way up.  I'm done with the retreads.  Some innings eater along with what we currently have will make for a questionable playoff rotation.  We need a stud horse (and I don't mean Lackey!).  DiPoto needs to get to work, and Arte needs to leave him alone.

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I've said it before and I'll keep saying it.  A front-three of Weav, Wilson and Vargas wasn't nearly good enough to get the Angels into contention this season.  Why on Earth would it be next season?


If your reason is Richards then great, because just 2 months ago most of you were talking about how he'd never pan out or just end up as a reliever.  Richards is going to be a solid #3/4 SP next year but that's still not enough.  


The only way an Angel-rotation of Weav, Wilson, Richards, and Vargas is adequate is if it's supplemented by a legitimate #2/3 SP.  Because the truth is, the offense will probably be without Kendrick and Trumbo (trades), the bullpen will be inconsistent, regardless of what moves Dipoto makes and Scioscia's going to make some player personnel mistakes next season just like he does every year.  


I think the Angels can be good, but only if they fundamentally change the way they approach free agency and start running an intelligent organization.  

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