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Robinson Cano

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I haven't seen this thread in a few days, so forgive me if this is a Craig from a couple weeks ago.


The Yankees Levine said yesterday that Cano is not a "re-sign at all costs" player. In fact he said no player is.


Assuming we trade Kendrick, do we have enough money to go after Cano and still be able to give Trout what he deserves?   As one writer put it the other day, "if Arte has enough money to go buy land and build a new stadium on his own, he certainly can afford to do what he wants."


A lineup of whatever gimp in LF, followed by Trout, Pujols, Cano, Hamilton, would be sick.   I'd be find with Trumbo's .230 in the 6 hole followed by aybar and 3b and C (unless Hank blossoms, then he goes til 7th)


I'm sure this is all moot, as the Yankees will likely resign Cano.    But good God how sick we'd be if he was playing 2b.



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Lifetime .311BA / .368OBP at Yankee Stadium.

Lifetime .275BA / .299OBP at Angels Stadium.

He's clearly been a benefactor of that bandbox in NY.


All that shows is he hasn't hit well in Angels stadium, not that he's a product of Yankees stadium.  


Cano's full career home/away splits are:


Home - .305/.351/.506

Away - .311/.358/.501


I still don't want to sign him, but to his credit, he's been awfully consistent both home and away and year to year.  But he's also only a year and a half younger than Hamilton, and the last thing we need is one more overpaid 30+ on the roster.

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Do you guys understand negotiating at all?  

Great idea lets negotiate with Cano and lose a first round draft pick. Have to pay someone another 20 mil a year salary while we still haven't resigned Trout. We also have 3 second basemen who are good to decent. I will pass on an aging veteran. 

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