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Waitress Asks for ID, Gets a Surprise

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that's awesome, and a nice way for justice to be served.


i'm betting the thief was probably a lousy tipper, unless she was using someone else's credit card.





/in before anyone references mr. underhill.

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Justice!... Though, it usually takes longer to catch the smarter ones..


I caught a dumber criminal tho... Dispatched to a dispute/burglary in the apartments right behind our station.  Woman says her ex-boyfriend kicked-in the door, and ransacked the place.  As I'm talking to her (about 50yards from her apartment), the front door opens up and the boyfriends head appears.  He sees me standing there, gives an "Oh, sh*t!" look, and ducks back inside.  I bolt to the back of the place in time to see him running down a walkway, about 100 yards in front of me.  He cut a few corners, and got away.


I took the report, and recognized his name from a wanted poster (identity theft/forgery stuff), and went back to the station to file my report and update the wanted poster.  A few minutes later, the Officer working our front desk comes over and asks me if I'm looking for "John Doe".  I said, "Yes.  As a matter of fact, I am!"  She said, "He's standing at the front desk; he wanted me to check and see if he had any warrants."  I contained my laughter, jumped up, and hooked him up...


Thank goodness for stupid criminals..

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