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Oscar Thread


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Best Picture is a tough one to predict.  Only two films have won Best Picture and not had the director nominated for Best Director.  The last one to do so was Driving Miss Daisy.  So Argo has that against it.  However, Ben Affleck not getting nominated for Best Director is being considered one of the biggest snubs in Oscar history.  The outpouring of support to Afflect has been shown via the Golden Globes, SAG, DAG and other award ceremonies.  Voters could vote Argo for Best Picture to award him for being snubbed.  I think Argo wins with only Lincoln having a shot at winning.


Best Director is going to between either Ang Lee or Spielberg.  Lee has the momentum right now.  I think he gets it.


Best Actor is a lock for Daniel Day Lewis.


Best Actress is most likely between Lawerence and Chastain.  I think Lawerence gets it.


Best Supporting Actor is most likely between De Niro and Jones.  I think De Niro takes it.


Best Supporting Actress is a lock for Anne Hathaway.


Best Animated Film is going to be Wreck-It-Ralph.

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Saw Argo last night.  It was good.  But I put it on par with Silver Linings Playbook.  And this isn't a snub for either film.  I just thought both films gave the same vibe.  Everything about both movies were very good.  But neither stood out over the other.  


In a way, the one thing that stood out was Silver Lining Playbooks social message.  


Now I haven't seen Lincoln.  So can't compare that one in.  But I hear good things about it, especially Daniel Day Lewis.  Which is a shame, because I thought Bradley Cooper was just amazing in his role.  Reminded me of how well Jack Nicholson was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and As Good as it Gets as far as mental illness movies goes.  IMO, any other year, and Bradley Cooper runs away with it.  That's how good i thought his performance was.  


Now back to movies.  I think Argo and Lincoln would be good comparisons, since they are both historical movies.  I just don't know if Argo compares, since it was a good movie, but not a history changing movie.  I didn't walk away with wow.  I walked away with it was ok, and kept me interested.  


And I still can't see the hangout topic.  Only able to see posts that was last posted.   

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There is always one surprise. I think this year, that surprise could be Silver Linings Playbook for best picture.


The individual awards seem to be near locks. I have the following winners:


Director: Spielberg

Actor: Lewis

Actress: Lawrence

Sup Actor: Waltz

Sup Actress: Hathaway

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Beasts of the Southern Wild was great. Glad to see Ben Zeitlin get a nod for Best director as well though it was probably at the expense of Affleck who deserved it though I guess same could be said about Spielberg and David O. Russell as while enjoyed both Lincoln and Silver Linings (Silver Linings more so), neither had anything special about their direction that I feel merited a Best Director nomination.



Best Picture I would say is between Lincoln and Argo. I would personally go for Argo in that scenario but I think Lincoln might take it which kind of sucks. I liked Lincoln overall and thought Daniel Day Lewis was amazing but the movie overall wouldn't even be among my favorite 25 films from last year.

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