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2B of the future Green, Lindsey or Yarbrough?

Who do you like better as the second baseman of the future?  

38 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you like best as the second baseman of the future?

    • Grant Green
    • Taylor Lindsey
    • Alex Yarbrough

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I think that given Green's build, the Angels see him long term as an option at 3B.  However, I personally love his skill set at shortstop.  Offensive upside should be rather similar to Kendrick's. 


He made 64 errors in 212 games at SS in the minors. I prefer he stay way the F away from that position.

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I wonder if Yarbrough can play SS? I like Stamets, but I'm not sure his bat will play out in the big leagues. 


Green at 3B, Lindsey at 2B and Yarbrough at SS would be nice. 


Pretty mediocre defense though. 

It gets them through the next 2-3 years, while Cowart (1-2 years away) and Rondon (3 years away) are getting ready.

A Cowart/Rondon/Lindsey 3B/SS/2B setup might be pretty good defensively, albeit 3 years away.  

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Yarbrough doesn't have the skill set for SS.  In terms of overall skill set and likelihood of meeting offensive production in the major leagues, Green's definitely the best.  But in terms of upside, you gotta go with Lindsey because of his power, discipline and being left-handed.  However, Yarbrough makes up a lot of ground in this race in that he's putting up similar numbers to Green in the minor leagues but is also a switch hitter that's capable from both side of the plate and is a solid defender.  


I like all three of them.  But inevitably I think we'll see Lindsey at 2B, Green in an Izturis role (but with more playing time given his offensive abilities) at 3B, 2B and SS and Yarbrough will likely end up playing second base at the major league level for another team.  I only hope the return in that deal is considerable. 

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I think Yarbrough and Lindsey both have more upside and a higher floor than Green.


I saw Yarbrough play for two weeks in June, and he hit everything in sight. His walkoff HR in extra innings was awesome. He's a natural hitter and hits well from both sides of the plate, but he obviously needs to show more patience. I think he has more raw power from the right side. He will occasionally chase pitches outside of the zone. He has gap-to-gap power that I think will develop and already has to some extent into HR power. He's able to spoil a lot of pitches and therefore see more pitches, which usually leads to good ABs and results. He's not terribly fast, but he's an aggressive and a smart baserunner.


Defensively, he is pretty solid. Not spectacular. His arm isn't the strongest, but it's accurate. He consistently makes the plays that should be made. He and Stamets have great chemistry up the middle. I saw them turn a few highlight reel DPs. This is unrelated, but Stamets is the best defensive shortstop I've ever seen. He's got it all. Great range, strong arm, quick release. Just fun to watch out there.

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It's well documented that Stamets is an absolute wizard, and the chemistry those two have shown is certainly a product of design.  Immediately upon being drafted they were signed, made roomates and played at the same levels.  They don't always make it up to the Major Leagues together but with these two it's certainly a possibility.  Omar's had a big influence here too. 

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I have to think Lindsey is the long-term 2B of the future. Green might hold it down for a bit until he is ready. After that, I am kind of in love with the idea of Green becoming a super utility player. There are a lot of things wrong with the current roster, but one of the underrated issues they've had is bench depth (or lack thereof). A player like Green who could play almost every position (maybe not well, but at a passable level) would be a big help in that regard.

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From what i have seen, granted only rookie ball, Cowart and Lindsey are not sure things. I know Lindsey has made some big adjustments this year so that is intriguing. Cowart seemed more of a slappy hitter to me. I don't know. I am not sold on the guy.

Now Rondon, i like this guy a lot. I have not seen a player like him since Segura. When I watched Segura, i knew he would make it to the bigs and be solid. I get the same feeling watching Rondon.

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