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Gameday Thread: 7/30/13 Angels vs. Rangers - No Calhoun

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I appreciate Scioscia's record---he's won a lot more than he's lost---but this is the sort of stuff that drives me crazy....We're toast, we're playing for 2014.  Colin Cowgill/Cowherd (or whatever the hell his name is) isn't going to be a major part of 2014, he's a spare part at best.  Cole Calhoun has the ability to be more than a spare part....So, why in heaven's name play Cowgill at this point...Absolutely crazy....Calhoun needs every AB he can get for the rest of the season so he can be evaluated.....Playing Cowgill does what for us at this point? 

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So Kole sits today because the #Angels are facing a lefty. Does Scioscia look at #'s? Calhoun hit .439 with a 1.227 OPS vs. lefties in AAA.

Yep...it times like these where I begin to question if Scioscia is capable of juggling more than one thought at a time.  \


"He bat lefty...pitcher is lefty...must sit batter or he make out"


instead of including the qualifier "Although, he bat good against lefty in AAA...Hmmm, me confused"

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Predictable Scioscia  Buffoonery.


He wants to leave... I wish they would just grant him his wish...


I love Pet Shop Boys.


















Oooh sorry. I thought this was the thread from the hangout forum.

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Seriously though, what the hell is Cowgill doing here and why is he starting games? We have Trout, Hamilton, Shuck and Calhoun for outfield spots... I'm pretty sure there should never be a situation where Colin  "Who Am I Again?" Cowgill should be starting over any of them.

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Scioscia needs to keep his bench guys "fresh", plus, after 4 decades in the bigs, he knows the kids aren't used to playing back to back games after long plane rides.

But seriously folks...
I think we now know why Calhoun was sitting in the minors.

Scioscia feels that he needs to pay more dues before putting him into his lethal big league lineups

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