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How this team used to win

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The Halos are going to miss the playoffs for the fourth year in a row after making it in 6 of the last 8 years. 

Here is a list of ranks for the following categories

Offense (WAR rank), (WPA rank)



Defense (DRS rank)


2002 99

4th, 2nd

10th, 6th

10th, 4th

5th (UZR)


2003 - Missed playoffs 77wins

15th, 12th

23rd, 25th

4th, 10th



2004 92 wins

9th, 11th

10th, 9th

2nd, 6th



2005 95 wins

13th, 5th

2nd, 8th

1st, 2nd



2006 89 wins

19th, 15th

1st, 16th

6th, 4th



2007 94 wins

9th, 6th

2nd, 5th

11th, 6th



2008 100 wins

17th, 5th

6th, 3rd

9th, 4th



2009 97 wins

4th, 3rd

17th, 7th

13th, 10th



2010 80 wins

23rd, 19th

18th, 17th

23rd, 18th



2011 86 wins

10th, 12th

6th, 5th

27th, 24th



2012 89 wins

1st, 3rd

23rd, 14th

28th, 24th



2013 pace for 75 wins

8th, 11th

23rd, 29th

18th, 17th



It appears that the best combo to my eyes is SP and RP each being near or above the top 10

2013 is similar to 2003 in terms of overall SP

Most of the playoff teams were pretty well balanced from a ranking standpoint.  As much as we begged for offense during the Vlad years, the team was pretty respectable compared to other teams. 


By and large, this gets filed in the 'no shit sherlock' bin, but it begs the question for 2014


If the team trades away a couple of offensive components from the major league club like Trumbo and Kendrick or Aybar in order to get some SP, can they be more get into the top 10-15 and will the offense still be good enough?

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When your 15th or higher in more than two categories your probably not going to be a good team. It's a team sport you need all of your 40 man roster and more to help you win. When we are only 2-4 deep in good players in the line up and 2 deep in pitching with good players you are not gonna win many games

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Great, another Jeff Mathis thread.


It's not a coincidence that the Halo's pitching went down the tubes when he was traded. I predicted our team ERA would jump at least one run on his departure.


Catching is intangibles first, defense second, and offense third. Guys like YOT (stat geeks) just don't get it.

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