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The Angels have a great team

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The Angels have a great team


When seeing the headline to this thread, I thought someone else had started their version of "Time to Predict Scoiscia's Postgame Comments" thread, headlined by a Sosh cliche or something. LOL


Yeah, they are great. I am getting ready to purchase my postseason package as I type.

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the halos had a great plan moving through the early 2000's and they suddenly got impatient.  They doubled down and lost. 


They stopped being happy with winning divisions and making themselves perennial playoff contenders and started looking for those one or two players to push them from being competitive to being automatic.  In doing so, they lost their way and it has spiraled out of control.  Tony Reagins was supposed to fill the Stoneman blind spot by being the guy to pull the trigger on moving a prospect or two in the right deal to improve the team and put them over the top.


Something that Stoneman was never capable of.


Reagins first move was his best by far getting Tex for what amounted to be a song and it gave him a false sense that he could do something like that every time without long term damage.  The kaz trade was the first step in the wrong direction.  Then Haren, then Wells.  His trades went from attempting to give the team that one guy to put them over the top in the playoffs to attempting to actually make the team a playoff contender and he turned the team into a real mess. 


JD was brought in as the savior and tasked with cleaning up the mess.  The signing of pujols and wilson in an of themselves were not overly catastrophic yet he made the mistake of trying to make everything better with a couple of slick and quick moves instead of going back to what had worked for the franchise in years previous.  He forced the issue trying to maintain the winning method and on top of the FA signings, he made a couple of short sighted move which have compounded previous mistakes.  On top of that, he's made some moves that just haven't worked.


They are where they are at this point.  They need to find a way to get back to pitching, defense and a solid farm system.  It won't happen overnight, but a few shrewd move this year and next year and they can be a lot closer. 

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no matter how you skin the cat...it boils down to Pujols and Hamilton, aging guys with significant issues


if they continue to suck, the team will struggle to win 75 games, maybe 80 if PB stays healthy


they don't have the tradeable assets to acquire enough starting pitching to offset a twin albatross


some are hopeful Pujols can fully recover his wheels and Hamilton can exorcise the demons at the plate


low probability


short of trading Trout for a boatload of prospects, it's simply juggling the supporting cast


gonna be a long road back to relevance

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If they are gonna sell off random parts, I say they do so to get as much pitching as they can to help the current club.  If you are gonna be unbalanced, you are better off doing so on the pitching side.  Trade Trumbo, Kendrick and Aybar and re-sign vargas.  Keep your fingers corssed that pujols and hamilton produce, but if they don't, at least you have pitching. 

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At this point it's good Pujols hits the DL I believe he comes back next season with something to prove - it doesn't seem like it now but he is an elite player when all is said and done- I think we see a great season from him next year ( not Stl level but his best as an Angel) I commend him for trying to stay on the field but at this point shutting him down to have him fully healthy next year is a very good thing

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