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Angels 2016 Lineup

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I like your 1-2-3 and then it gets pretty kooky. I realize the Cano/Cabrera position switch is a typo, but is that Luis Jimenez at SS? Not happening.


I think you might see something more like:


CF Bourjos

2B Lindsey (or Yarbrough)

LF Trout

DH Pujols

1B Trumbo (or Cron)

RF Hamilton

C Conger

3B Cowart

SS Rondon (or Stamets)


I'd love to see Calhoun in RF, but that will be year 4 of 5 for Hamilton.


If Rondon isn't ready Stamets could hold SS down until he is. Trumbo could be gone in favor of Cron, or Calhoun actually. I don't see Albert being the full-time 1B then, although you never know.

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C - Hank Conger (28) - Backup: Carlos Ramirez (28)

1B - Mark Trumbo (30) - Backup: Albert Pujols (36) and Kole Calhoun (28). C.J. Cron will be traded.

2B - Taylor Lindsey (24) - Backup: Eric Stamets (24). Howie Kendrick and Alex Yarbrough will both be traded.

SS - Erick Aybar (32) - Backup: Eric Stamets (24). Aybar will be in the final year of his contract and Jose Rondon (22) will be in AAA.

3B - Kaleb Cowart (24) - Backup: Luis Jimenez (28).

LF - Mike Trout (24)

CF - Peter Bourjos (29) - Bourjos will be in the final year of his contract.

RF - Josh Hamitlon (35)

DH - Albert Pujols (36 allegedly)

Backup OF - Kole Calhoun (28) and Travis Witherspoon (27). Randal Grichuk will be traded and Zack Borenstein will be in AAA.

SP1 - Jeremy Hellickson (29) - Hellickson will be traded for in 2013/2014 and will be in the final year of his contract in '16.

SP2 - Jered Weaver (33) - Weav will be in the final year of his contract.

SP3 - Garrett Richards (28)

SP4 - Ian Kennedy (31) - Kennedy will be traded for in 2013/2014.

SP5 - C.J. Wilson (35) - C.J. will be in the final year of his contract.

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yeah, we're stuck with Pujols and Hamilton's contract so let's go out and sign Cano away from the Yankees for a 8 year deal worth $18 to $20 million a year......this makes sense (LOL!)


I guess Cabrera decides to play for the Angels for a dollar a year because that's all we'll have left to pay him........


..........perhaps Pujols and Cano can be ticket takers at the ballpark during the final year(s) of their contracts.


Also, I really like Bourjos, but think his time in Anaheim may be more limited.......wouldn't count on him being here in 2016.


two years away is an eternity in today's MLB........not like 'back in the day' when you knew each team's line up for years upon end and when there was a change, it was NEWS.  Now, the entire roster changes from year to year.........

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