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Good work Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

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Just like there are executive orders handed down by the President, I wonder if state governors hold a similar type of power.

I mean, they can pardon people, but there's no crime being committed.

Is the judge who handed down his ruling a federal judge? Would his decision somehow supercede the state law?

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The thing is, you can be selective, the law is the law until such time as it is changed.  Whether you agree with it or not doesnt change that simple fact.

The better question is why the fed ruling has anything to do with the states jurisdiction, that to me has implication far beyond this issue.

I would love to see this mans wishes honered, but there is a right way amd a wrong way yto make these changes, and a federal judge telling the state what to do on this matter is not the right way.

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...a federal judge telling the state what to do on this matter is not the right way.


I suppose that there is no need for the US Supreme Court, then.


Sometimes state laws are not in compliance with federal laws. I don't know if that is the case here, or even if it was a federal judge who issued this ruling (I assume so, but I don't know that). I don't know what the right answer is, but it seems a bit petty for the Ohio AG to get involved in a case that only involves the two people concerned. My understanding is that the ruling is specific to their case and is not intended to set any kind of precedent.

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