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Should the Angels sign Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez?

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Of course they should. Or at the very least make a serious attempt. It's the type of signing this team should be making to get better now AND for the future.


Sure there's risk involved, but there's just as much risk signing proven MLB stars to multi mega-million deals.

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Weaver, Wilson, Gonzalez, Vargas, and Richards...and you have the righty/lefty balance


Richards, if allowed to start all of the 2014 season, surely couldn't be too bad for a #5 starter?

The one issue is lack of expected AAA depth next season, if someone is DL'd.

Can Roth step in to start 2-4 games if needed in 2014?

We know Williams can fill in for that many starts.


Just wait a year on Trout, but make sure to give him at least $5-7 million in 2014. 


Pujols and Hamilton had better hit next season!!!!!!!

Trumbo had better not disappear next season for 2 months at a time, either.

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The market is taking shape for Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and the right-hander could sign with a club as early as next week, an industry source tells MLB.com's Jesse Sanchez.  There's also a trio of new teams in the mix for Gonzalez in the Phillies, Blue Jays, and Braves.  They'll vie with the Cubs, Dodgers, Rangers, and Red Sox, who have all been showing serious interest in his services.

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You absolutely have to offer compensation to Vargas at this point.  Generally speaking, your final year of arbitration you usually make approximately 80% of what your AAV would be on the open market, which is to say that according to this logic, Jason Vargas should make approximately 10 million a year on average once he hits free agency.  


Now at his age, being left-handed and the premium being put on pitching, I could see Vargas signing for 4 years 40 million somewhere.  But if the Angels could get him for 1 year, 13 million, I'd do it.  Even if Vargas didn't accept it, chances are teams would still be reluctant to sign him because that gives the Angels another early pick.  It could potentially cause a shift in the market for his services and the Angels would be able to sign him to a cheaper deal, or they'll just get another draft pick.  Either way, they win.  

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More and more I am liking the idea of what bringing in this kid does.  IF, and that's a big IF he's a legit #2/3. 


If halos scouts think he's good enough to displace Wilson to #3 and then you bring back Vargas as your number 4 then you are instantly much better than you are now. 


If he not a legit #2/3 and he's more of a #4, then I don't think it does much at that price.  The market for a #4 is probably even a little less than what this guy gets and for fewer years for a more known quantity. 


Again, if he's a front end guy though, they should go after him and hard.  There are really no other opportunities for a guy like that at his age for at least another year and then the price tag will be huge. 


Damn, now I'm gonna be a little bummed if we don't get him. 

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Maybe Moreno doesn't like that he had bone chips removed from his elbow?  Because we really have such good luck with players with such conditions.

Admittedly, I didn't pay any attention to that blurb in past articles on him.

I guess my frustration over lack of Latin American signings over the past several years until recently is still affecting how I view anything like this.

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I love the frustration of us not even trying to sign him when he is still available. Remember how everyone knew we were going to sign Albert all off season, or how there was the anticipation of us signing Hamilton before we signed him.

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What I do know is if we do sign him and he sucks the front office will get just as much criticism as they would for not signing him and he goes on to be a solid contributor for someone else. I'll even go as far as saying if we sign him and he contributes but he's overpaid there will be a ton of criticism.

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