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There's consistent, and then there's Trout

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Remarkable, isn't it? Before the season most analysts were expecting a moderate to significant regression but he's hitting exactly the same, and seems to be getting better. What I find particularly encourage is the fact that 1) his numbers are the same as last year despite a reduced BABIP, and related to that 2) his strikeout rate is way down.


If he keeps up improving small aspects of his game and making adjustments, he should be able to sustain a .950ish OPS and even break 1.000 a couple times, and perhaps vie for a batting title at some point.

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Walk rate up, strike out rate down = Increased awesomeness!


Seriously though the K% rate is down to 16.4% so far this season. Imagine if these improvements stick (which I think they will)? The idea that he is improving is jaw-dropping and incredibly impressive.


I have said it before and I will say it again.... Give him a long-term money shattering contract that he couldn't possibly refuse. 10 years, $150 million, 15 years, $250 million, 20 years, $350 million? I may be out of my mind but I don't think I am (isn't that what all the crazy people say to themselves?).

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Low/high leverage for the pitcher or trout?

Leverage applies to both equally. It means the outcome of a particular pitcher-batter match up is expected to have a high impact the outcome of the game. 


For exapmle if a batter is up in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and the bases loaded and the home team trailing by one, that is one of the highest leverage situations in baseball. If the batter in this situation, say, strikes out looking, that's bad for the batter, and good for the pitcher. 

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To bad Pujols makes Trout stand still on the basepaths when he's up to bat. Trout could steal a ton of bases.

Pujols has taken days off a few times this season. In each of those games, when Trumbo or Hamilton was batting 3rd, Trout has stolen bases successfully. The current lineup (read: Pujols immedately behind Trout) is idiotic.

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