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8 hours ago, FigginsPudding said:

Needed a place to vent since Halos Heaven is apparently a shell of its former self (not sure what happened there, anyway). Anyhow, hello from a frustrated Angels fan stuck in the Midwest. You can tell by my username my favorite all-time Angel, I hated the Pujols signing, loathed the Hamilton signing, and was okay with the Rendon signing at first, but today I’m feeling like he’s nothing more than an infield version of Kole Calhoun (all field, no bat), and we could get the same offensive production by bringing Alberto Callaspo out of retirement. Anyhow, for taking my call. I’ll hang up and listen.

Interesting you should bring up Callapso, not a terrible 3B, but perhaps best known for being traded/pulled in the middle of a game at Texas. 

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Hi Angels family! We are your tea quaffing friends, the Angels Over the Pond social media crew. Just by way of quick introduction, if you have never heard of us we are a UK based fan club of the Halos and we:

1. Provide free membership goodie packs to all UK Angels fans who register with us

2. Create written content covering topics such as Halos heritage, what it is like to be an Angels fan living in the UK, features on British baseball history (you may be shocked to know that we actually once had pro ball over on these shores) and generally give aspiring writers a space to be creative

3. Run regular competitions, give always etc (more on this below) including physical sports equipment packages for UK schools and sports teams

4. Create silly little memes on social media, that seem to be quite popular now and then

5. Follow along with most games, live tweeting and interacting with fans around the world

6. Give away thousands of junk wax baseball cards to fans of all of the MLB teams who live in the UK, most of who never heard of such a thing so find them pretty cool

Anyway, please do pop over to the tweet below, where you can enter our latest give away for a chance to win a $25 Fanatics gift card. It’s not much, but we give away things all the way through the season so it all adds up. Give us a follow, we would love to meet more of you and get to know you.

 Thank you so much to Chuck, John and all at AW for all the support. You’re all jolly good chaps. Cheerio.

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On 2/24/2021 at 8:00 PM, Halos5150 said:

and the best play I ever saw live was not an Angels play, it was Curtis Samuel sweep run for 15 yards in 2016 for Buckeyes 2 OT win over TTUN, I was sitting in the corner of the end zone.

O H!

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On 9/18/2021 at 6:23 PM, Mabrage said:

New here…

Whats going on everybody! 

My name is Mark, been a fan of the angels since that world series run…. Man, what a run. Born and raised in Los Angeles, i hate the dodgers. Happy to be here and read up on lots of interesting threads. I think im going to like it here. LOL

Welcome to the board

Jump in on some topics


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