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Cool. Things to remember: 1. have a thick skin 2. don't take comments personally 3. if @Dochalo makes a comment, there's a 99.7% chance it is correct  4. conversely, there's @CALZO

Introducing myself to the forum ... I became an Angel Fan even before the Major League Club was formed. My dad started taking me to Angel games in the late 1940s or early 1950s when the Los Angel

Hi everybody,  I'm a newbie from across the pond. I'm big on the angels and have been lurking around this board for a couple of years now and thought it was high time I joined to let you ben

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Hi there - I've been lurking on this site for the last couple of years and thought I'd finally create an account and introduce myself.

Way back when I was in Little League, I grew up going to the games of the local AAA team - the Spokane Indians.  There wasn't usually too much to be excited about because up until 1981, the Indians were affiliated with the Mariners and the Mariners were perpetually at the bottom of the MLB dung heap.  That all changed in 1982 when the affiliations changed and Spokane got hooked up with the Angels who happened to go on a tear that season.  I was in love. Rod Carew was my favorite player.  My best friend was a fan of Reggie Jackson so we both ended up with the same allegiance.  But alas, that only lasted one season as the AAA franchise moved to Las Vegas and I lost most of my interest in baseball at that point.

Fast forward to 1998, and I took a job working for Disney in Burbank.  Disney owned the Angels at the time so my interest was re-kindled at least somewhat as I was able to take in a few games in conjunction with company events. But I was still a pretty casual fan at that point.

More recently, I had kids of my own.  My then nine-year-old played his first year of Little League in 2018.  All of the teams in the local league wear the jerseys of major league teams and, as destiny would have it, he was drafted on to the Angels and we both became huge fans of the Angels.  Thanks to T-Mobile, we get free MLBTV so we can catch all of the games live on TV (when I was a kid, I could only check the box scores in the newspaper and catch the occasional nationally televised game).  We attended a few games in Anaheim on vacation and my boy felt like he was part of the team.  In 2019 and every year since, he's worn #17 for Ohtani (someone else had already grabbed 27).

On top of this, the Angels' AAA affiliate is in SLC so that makes being an Angels fan even more compelling for us.  There was one game near the end of the season we attended where Taylor Ward got called up in the middle of the game.  It's fun being able to see the players in Angels games that we watched in Bees games (although by the end of the 2019 season, it seemed like the entire Angels pitching staff was basically the Bees staff from the same year).

Anyway, it seems like hope is in the air this year. I think the team is set up for a special season - I like the vibe.

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