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32 minutes ago, TalkinHalos said:

Thanks, I hope it didn't suck!

I’d rather listen to you guys than Sports Lodge (that might be damning with faint praise, tho). 

I don't listen to podcasts much, but enjoyed listening to you guys. I think it was after Cole signed and Jared was saying it’s good for baseball for the Yankees to be good. Fortunately, one of you (forget who - maybe both?) told him where to stick that notion. Leastways, that’s how I remember it. So you guys are winners in my book. 

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12 hours ago, TalkinHalos said:

Well, we were invited to join a couple months ago, but we're a bunch of lazy bums and are just now joining in. My name is Derek. I run the Angels' podcast "Talkin' Halos' with John, Jared, and Brock. I've been an Angels fan for over 30 years, including watching the World Series while serving in the Navy and overseas deployed in Naples, Italy. Getting up at 1:00 am to watch the games was worth every minute. Today, I'm a school teacher and podcaster, but I'm most proud that I'm raising my daughters to be an Angels (and Rams) fan. You can follow the podcast @TalkinHalos and me @dciapala on Twitter. We're also on facebook with a page and group, but no one seems to care about facebook anymore. Thanks for having me.

you're a buckeye? you're immediately my favorite poster here.


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